The Wilting Rose in the Briar Patch





Think you know darkness
You haven’t the faintest idea
See me as an easy target
Then please allow me to make this abundantly clear
Of all the enemies you do not wish to make
For the sake of your own sick amusement
The one who conjures nocturne which no dawn will ever break
Is the last you wish to bait towards conclusion


Still you persist but the thing you may have missed
Is the part where I survey your every move
May wish to slumber with a blade on close assist
As my death list it comprises only you


With just one flick of my wrist
You would cease to exist
If I harbored a desire for going easy
But here comes the twist
Never was one to quit
And my methods of dispatch are downright sleazy


You claim to know your magick
And I find that tragicomic
Ever tried to cast a spell
While choking back your clotting blood and vomit
Will be little economic in the manner of deposit
As I excavate your liver through your rectum
Just setting out some ground rules in the guise of stinging sonnet
And would say it’s about time that you respect them


There’s a lesson to be learned here
Should you elect to heed me
So learn it you venomous whore
Already have a gushing glut of good reasons to bleed thee
Would be most foolish to give me just one more


You are the dew that braves to freckle the web
I am the recluse and it’s our gossamer your high heels dare to tread
Trouble comes in twos and that is twice just cause to dread
As death will not be the end of you
Should you proceed to tempt a fate with no escape in final breath
Will be more than a candle most painful to drip on your chest
Have found your gate
You hateful vampire slut
Now, whatcha gonna do for the best?





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill





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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™




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