An Ode to Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane



Its strenuous starting out as a scribe. Each word that flows forth during this inception provides self-assurance and in Keeper’s case provides medicinal quantities. After months of gathering intelligence akin to a fretful squirrel and fine-tuning my scribing style I believe obstinately in my abilities and almost medium-like insight into the human mind and I’ve suffered enough provocation during my mortality, done my time as it were. Now, armed with a utopian belief structure I feel that I can use this shrewdness to bring positive meaning, through work which many miscalculating halfwits regard as anything but. Fucking boulderdash! To me horror represents the very Rivers of Grue from which the quill draws its crimson ammunition daily. It is a sanctum of immeasurable positivity and possibilities, allowing us to act out and have a channel for the burdening wrath which exists within us all. So why then is it still typecast as a genre for adolescents of the self-harming emo persuasion? Keeper has the answer to that poser. Aside from the ignorance of imbeciles that don’t have a clue what they’re spouting off about, it is because the dynamic tool has been utilized incorrectly for too long. Times are changing with constancy and this metamorphosis enables us the opportunity for a prophet to lead us onwards into the uncharted.



When my pathway to redemption led Keeper to Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane I had an epiphany of sorts. No brilliant lights literally speaking, but there was a beam of luminosity which shone through to my dark soul, restoring its luster. I felt instant cruel warmth and a welcome was extended me, along with unconditional brutal affection.


A kindly hand upon my shoulder was accompanied by a grue-filled mammary gland for Keeper to feast upon. That is the sovereignty of horror right there! Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane both stand before us as dark guardians, and the fact that they are prepared to wash the grime from every one of their disciples’ feet speaks volumes of their boundless character. As any keen gamers will attest, in today’s Download Generation a piece of scientific art can’t be judged until the downloadable content and regular software updates show its true worth. The Orphan Killer has become to so many, infinitely more than just a kick-ass slasher flick. It’s a commonwealth, the most burly in existence I might add.


These two martyrs are fully prepared to suffer for their art…and it’s a deliciously agonizing ordeal, gratefully received to bring a utopian abode that we necessitate like oxygen. Our daily fix; only instead of crude Meth or callously cut Coke sapping our lifeforce it’s a narcotic of far less noxious impurity. My opening sentence of this ode may have suggested it to be laborious finding your feet as a scribe but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s enriching when potential you see within yourself is gradually cottoned onto, and the natural expansion occurs. Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane didn’t simply cotton on; they placed their faith in my endowment from their primary introduction to my material.


I’ve unswervingly proclaimed my affection and allegiance to my beloved Grueheads, with his Black Majesty as my witness that will always remain the case. But I offer my dedicated endorsement to their resplendent cause as it corresponds to my own. ‘Banned in Germany’ has a great ring to it and it just adds beautiful fuel to the fire, but it shows a complete misunderstanding of their intention with TOK which saddens me also. This isn’t a mere exploitation movie; it’s far more thoughtful than that. Does it glorify violence? Actually no, it highlights the cause and effect of such atrocities, especially with regards to a still wiring juvenile mind. Does it revel in the anguish of others? Yup, of course it fucking does! This isn’t pre-watershed silage being cobbled together, its adult material. Moreover, if it should find its way into the hands of anyone of more tender years then so be it. I watched horror at the age of ten but my Father gave me his blessing to explore my dark fantasies, under his supervision, and to date I’ve murdered a grand total of 0 people.


To anyone who deems this a slipshod attitude from Keeper I say simply this. “Get an eye-dog!” It’s all about expression, some knit woolen jumpers for geriatrics, others fire ping-pong balls as projectiles from their vulvas. Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane do neither; instead they provide the world with an emblematic figure, the likes of which the world has been sorely lacking,


So the Keeper of the Crimson Quill finds himself at a crossroads in his augmentation as a scribe and it is a most welcome junction. I have been endowed with the vitality of the invitation extended me by this murderous militia. And each show of faith highlights just how nurturing this new family are. To my savage siblings I say this; The Orphan Killer has stoked a fire within my soul and for that I thank you, your fidelity towards Keeper’s cause is humbling, and my dark heart will forever beat with new-found vigor because of the savage passion of which jettisons from both of your bloody cavities.

diane_foster_bound_x_blood_tok (2)

“I’d strive for liberty no more,
But hug the glorious chains I wore”

Edgar Allen Poe 


Truly, Really, Clearly,Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

First Knight of TOK

Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2013


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