Silent Shadow’s Halloween II Appraisal

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Just when you thought it was safe to go trick or treating…



The perfect sequel? The Shadow would say so. Halloween 2 achieved what Jaws 2 did. Showed more of the killer, whilst at the same time keeping apprehension and suspense. Watching Michael glide round the hospital corridors like toxic smoke never gets old. Some of the finest moments are when you see Mr Myers on the CCTV screen, fall out of shot, then in the following scene a nurse walk the same path to her bloody death.

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The Shadow loves the fact that the film was set in the same blood-stained night. Poor little Laurie Strode (soon-to-be baby Myers) must have thought she had escaped her nightmare; just to be taken to the hospital from hell. But it’s not just victims falling left and right like baby lambs to the slaughter; story begins to fog. The nurse at Smith’s Groves turns up to tell Dr. Sam Loomis that Michael has a sister who was adopted as a young nipper. Yep you got it in one. Sweet brown-haired Laurie is the sister of the babysitter stalker. You can imagine that Christmas is now painted with red.


Like any true sequel, the body count his high. Our cast is full of love/hate characters, each one discovering news ways to leave their short-lived existence behind them. Michael finds new ways to kill off our list of fodder. One point it’s like being a kid opening a Kelloggs variety pack. Hammers cracking heads, needles in eyes and even a succulently-stacked female having her face-blanket melted off.


Apart from the unnecessary reprisal of the young girl at the beginning of the film, Michael stalks and kills everyone that could pose a potential threat to his intimate Halloween soiree. Slinking from one room to the next without being detected; he builds a sense of style and grace on his travels, lurking in shadows and waiting for the prime opportunity to strike. Not everyone is a victim in this slaughterhouse; a room of new-born babies have the utmost pleasure to make The Shape’s acquaintance as he towers over them, out of sight to our soon-to-be body baggage.


Much like the first film, Halloween 2 plays out a lot like the first, but a little faster-paced and a lot more visual. A great chase which sees Laurie being hunted down by Michael throughout the hospital grounds, but things really heat up when our old chum Dr Sam Loomis turns up to save the day. Sam knows Michael is somewhat unstoppable, but it’s when Myers talks a few smoking bullets to the eye-cannons that we find out he is, in fact, a force of nature.

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In many respects; Rick Rosenthal’s flick slashes ‘dem boxes, which made John Carpenter’s Halloween a worldwide Horror phenomenon, whilst, in the same instance, demonstrated to the world that sequels are not all ill-fated. Halloween was the night he came home; Halloween 2 was a night of terrifying butchery. And The Shadow loves living for that savage shit.

Silent Shadow’s Judgement: 9/10





  1. Great first Appraisal my good man. Informative, intuitive and well stated. I also like the mention of that one nurse we really didn’t wish to see hoisted on Michael’s blade. Such a shame, not since Rosie Dixon Night Nurse have we needed her bedside manner so desperately.

    1. Thanks Quill. Had great fun watching Halloween again and even more writing it. You are my Sam Loomis

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