Silent Shadow’s Appraisal of Leprechaun


Your luck just ran out


This is one rainbow you don’t want to stumble upon the end of. Leprechaun, a grueful blend of horror and comedy; which spends most of its time in the land of the belly chuckle realm. In all fairness, The Shadow has no qualms with this approach. If that was the intention, then hats off to director Mark Jones.

Let me take a moment to talk about the horror in the film. Overall its non-existent, like an erect penis in a convent school. Viewers can debate that at times, visually the film feels in the right genre. You can get a real taste that our characters are isolated in the setting. Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun looks creepy, maybe apart from the bright purple leggings; but still he is glorious as the Shamrock killer. The unnatural movements and constant laughing is what brings the character to life, and his one liners are enough to match Freddy in the ring.


Supporting cast is solid all-round. We have the pleasure to feast our purvey eyes on a very young and nubile Jennifer Aniston. I’ll take this opportunity to mention that The Shadow believes Jen has grown lusher with age. The young boy played by Robert Hy Gorman proves that the eighties/early nineties was the era in which children could act and carry themselves on the screen.


There is a lot of fun to be had here with this little movie. I encourage you please to walk into Leprechaun with a clear mind, ready to feed your laughing glands. After-all, this in a Leprechaun that kills people who steal his bag of gold. Although the film is funny, the horror lies in the way our little mystical creature brutalities his victims. Eyes are gauged out of tunneled sockets. Faces pulled from fleshy skulls; But Shadow’s ball tingling death of the movie has to be the pogo stick. With pure delight our Lucky Charm takes his love-stick and commences to bounce upon the face and chest of an unlucky victim, whilst singing a merry tune. Play time was over for this chap. Sorry could not help myself.


Whilst I laid in my love-pad drinking pints of Guinness and chomping down a bag of Peanut M&Ms, a large smile stretched across my face. Spending time with my little green friend pulled me out of the slump I found myself in, by my short and curlies. Yes, it is true. The Shadow for a limited time only was in a darker place then he likes to nest. Bogged down with negative weight with no exit in sight. The rain poured, but when the clouds parted and the sun pierced through, a Rainbow revealed and answers were given. By no means is this film going to leave a mark in the horror hall of fame, or to that matter stand the test of time. I can’t see a filmmaker stepping forward to remake this anytime soon. The only thing you can hope to find here, is good-old fashioned fun.


Silent Shadow’s Judgement 5/10


Silent Shadow


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