One Chance Forever (We Shall Hold)

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One hope when all around seemed broken
One dream when waking from a nightmare
One light a solitary token
One Queen obscene it is she might care


One chance was all it ever needed
One fight when everything seemed lost
One soul the signs my Jaybird heeded
One fire when all around was frost


One life lets use it as we should do
One taste those luscious lips incite
One breath exhaled because I could do
One beam of bloody Crimson light


One step before there was no feeling
One more as faith begins to mend
One leap to send those senses reeling
One catch a sturdy grip I lend


One dance into these deep red waters
One swim within their warm embrace
One peace where all around they fought us
One bite which finally we taste


One smile tis worn with great conviction
one buzz replenishing my soul
one fact we live within our fiction
One peak replacing prior lull


One shot, to take us to what’s destined
One aim to walk towards the light
One gown, this crimson queen looks best in
One flame illuminates the night


Her pluck her vigour and her essence
Her mind her body and her soul
Her heart it’s beat an ever presence
One chance forever we shall hold


Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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