Bloody Threads Binding


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This article was conceived on the 29th September, 2013 when Rivers of Grue was still in its infancy. It’s a no-frills battle cry and these were commonplace back then as my entire world was crumbling before my eyes and I needed to build some new fortifications sharpish. I could already see the infinite possibilities of a group of like-minded souls caring and sharing and needed to spread the word as far and wide as feasible. Therefore, the following piece of literature provides a good starting place for those new to the grue and a reminder of why we do what we do for seasoned Grueheads. I tired of suchlike battle cries a long time ago and hovered over delete post on numerous occasions before giving it a lick of 2015 flavor. However, it only needs to be relevant to a single person to be every bit justifiable in my eyes.


Bloody Threads Binding



It’s bubbling fiercely. The cruor is becoming warmer, running thicker with every passing moment. In manifests in each and every one of us, bleeds honesty straight back into the crimson mixture and creates a heartbeat of sorts. The reverberations spread the entirety of these bloody waters, touching each dark soul who bares such and feeds from the positive essence we combine. An amalgamation of darkness and light, we choose light but we do so whilst nose-deep in darkness.

It’s quite wondrous baring witness to such a thing of pure beauty. The Grueheads offer unconditional love to those who believe truly in a few core values. Kindness, nobility, friendship, devotion, sanctuary, I could scribe a list as long as Donald Sutherland’s glorious face of just how many words relate to our cause. Ignorance, arrogance, envy, negativity and hatred, on the other hand, are all wasteful endeavors capable of gnawing away at one’s sense of belonging. Moreover, there’s just so fucking droll. How about belief, support and encouragement, whatever happened to those? They exist within these banks, all around us as we tread bloody water.


We have uniqueness that is shunned by the ignorant, insight simply misunderstood by so-called “stronger personalities” and loyalty not seen in usual circles. There is fire dancing around atop the crimson waters. We fan those flames with our passion every day. Every Retweet, every message of appreciation and every connection forged through our collective offer of love binds us in blood. Every single time my cell buzzes with another notification, it causes the kind of convulsion not otherwise achievable without a length of rope, half a lemon, and Debbie Does Dallas on Betamax. The greatest joy comes in the priceless feedback which reminds you that your words have inspired someone. We’re talking of the self-harming adolescent who decides that tonight there’s a far better way to bleed than by releasing that pain through cutting. That’s the shit right there.


I have been bursting with pride like a colostomy bag at capacity surveying the construction of fresh allegiances, the bleeding of souls through prose and the gentle growth of friendship and love. We all share this openly, love isn’t a term thrown about like a diaphragm at an office party. Not here, it is treated never with contempt, not rebuffed or misunderstood. It is embraced and kneaded into something I am seeing developing with some damn reach.


Let me share now, I feel that it is time to put my bloody set of aces down on the table for all to witness. My plan with the Grueheads is a lifelong pursuit. However, I possess a five-year plan to build this legacy from the ground up. Production, film-making, photography, design, publishing of both novels and graphic novels, whatever the blazing fuck we want. It is my intention to empower us all to reach for higher ground, as cliché as that may sound on paper. Rivers of Grue transmogrifies daily, hourly, hell every freaking minute. Its growth is organic and it retains its purity through all of us feeling accepted, understood and, above all, cherished.


Let all the vitriolic bile go straight over your heads, don’t get eaten up with wasteful bitterness, instead of judging show empathy. Exhibit desire as opposed to hiding behind a mask of indifference and believe rather than doubting. Move freely as we never advance from remaining static. Above all else, encourage one another. Support these dark dreams we share, as we pursue them together. This isn’t some half-assed operation with no real aspirations. We won’t wither up and droop like a pensioners testicles, we’ll erect like a stallion’s schlong with the sole intention of firing crimson bullets into the very heart of the industry. The future’s so bright right now. Fuck it, I left my shades back at the house.


Scribing the way I do has opened me up to a whole host of new experiences. I have found encouragement and support in each Gruehead who shares occupancy. We have crafted our own illuminations and this from horror of all places. What does that say about society? To me it states that, while we live in a culture of many flaws, through horror we embrace the darkness rather than wading away fearful. We stand fucking tall together, our lofty summit would induce hemorrhaging in the ignorant and indeed, we too bleed. We just do it of free will.

Bleeding Pen





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