The Darkest Recess of My Lair


Something is lurking I hear it quite clearly
You’ve gotta believe me I’m not lying, really!
It taunts me each night-time and shuffles around
I throw it some meat and it guzzles it down


I pull up my bed sheets and duck underneath
but still I discern that grim grinding of teeth
it licks each bone dry then it licks its lips after
before scuttling away with its cruel impish laughter


My parents can’t fathom out where the meat goes
as each evening I smuggle it under their nose
they never suspect it is me that has taken
a fistful of steak and two rashers of bacon


While this keeps it at bay I can still feel it stare
from there in the darkest recess of my lair
It’s getting more ravenous each day that passes
and each morning light I just pray for catharsis


I thought I’d eluded it silenced its twitching
but on this fateful night there’s no meat in the kitchen
as I pull up the sheets with intention to hide
this soul eating demon’s already inside




Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill



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