I’m a Mountain


I’m a mountain it’s true
I’m constant and stable

I’m unswervingly open
all cards on the table


My emotions are seasons
all swirling around me

when all appeared lost
it was you who then found me


You reminded me that
as these seasons do pass

be it rain sleet or snow
these conditions won’t last


When all appears lost
I’m immovable sturdy
and should the snow settle
it will never deter me


I just need to believe
I’m a mountain of truth

no matter the weather
this mount shall not move


When no longer overcast
sunny beams then return

I’m never alone
and I’m willing to learn


I’ve openly bled
comprehended each sign

the sun and the moon
have begun to align


As seasons do change
along with the weather

I’m constant and true
will stand strong forever


With each droplet spilled
I bleed out the pain
the light then can enter
the sun turns to rain


It hydrates and feeds me
allows me to soar

it fills up my heart
enriches my core


The snow leaves me cold
but from this comes heat

I don’t feel so bitter
instead I feel sweet


My mountain won’t move
it’s always consistent

you show me your scars
I promise to kiss them


We all heal together
this hurt does diminish

I’ve started my journey
and I’ll damn well finish


With you by my side
dear siblings of Grue

I’m truly a mountain
I know such is true


My smile is returning
it lights up my face

and each of the seasons
I can now embrace




Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely

Keeper of the Crimson Quill




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