Embracing The Shadows by Silent Shadow


It’s been said that over the years, The Shadow has been up and down more times than a salmon on his never-ending quest up that mystic river. What is at the top? Be true to yourself and the answers will shine. It’s preposterous to think that so many people have it all. Clearly everyone has their demons, and it’s no different for this Silent Stalker. Although I’ve always been Silent Shadow, it’s only been the past five or six months that I’ve known it. As you true Grueheads will know, it was The Keeper that unearthed me and I found my true calling. Within the last few years I have found myself at times gravitating perilously towards the depths. I will take this opportunity to say that it’s not in my nature to feel this way, but as most people will know; life has its strains. Smooth sailing is a rare gift.

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I’m confident to state and I’m sure Keeper will agree that when we find ourselves in a dark venue, writing and turning to the Grue is both refreshing and therapeutic. As I said before I’ve known him for many years. Although we have not always been in touch, we have always been close. Many moons had passed when out of thin air, The First Knight and I began talking of the Rivers Of Grue. As it had always been, we both fell naturally into our laid back manners. Mr Gump would have said it was like peas and carrots. It is easy to see that when Keeper and Shadow get together magic happens. Just have a look at the Grue Entry series.

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Upon reuniting with the Keeper. I have had the pleasure of meeting new friends and family. Tortured Soul, a long serving comrade to crimson has welcomed me into the brotherhood with open-arms. A true gentle giant, but please don’t be fooled, this man-mountain lives up to his name. C William Giles the author of …of Tortured Faustian Slumbers is truly a great scribe and a cool dude indeed. I’m very much looking forward to his next masterpiece, and that’s quite something; as The Shadow does not read many a book. Yes ,Yes I know I should. The Orphan Killer Family, Matt and Diane have been a great support and are a huge talent. I’m sure their futures are paved with gold. Let not forget the loyal followers, the marvelous Grueheads. Without you Hellhounds we would still be doing what we do, but with no emotional reward. We thrive on your feedback and passion, and now that some and, I know more, will join in and indeed have already begun writing and posting; this empire is swelling on a galactic scale.

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It’s this movement, the shift in the atmosphere that pulls us from the depths when we feel downgraded; destroyed and broken. Before the Rivers of Grue was a part of me, I had to find alternative ways away from the lurid. But blood is thicker than water in this family and I have learned to embrace the darkness and create within the shadows. Films have always fueled my mind and soul. It’s a very true fact that, The Shadow relishes film in various forms; but when in that tragic place, a good old motion picture is always a saving grace. Take any slasher flick for example. Would you rather face your problems or take your chances in, say, Crystal Lake with our semi-pro hockey player Voorhees? Or maybe you would rather dine with Leatherface and his peeps? Looking at one’s options I think the majority would take their problems head on?


You will notice at the bottom of this article The Shadow has a new look. A true reflection of what I see in the mirror. I would like to take this occasion to personally thank SJ Lykana for designing my new identity. I’m truly stuck for ways to adequately convey my appreciation. The Dark Queen of Grue has a bright future and not just within these rapid rivers. She has great talent in numerous fields and I have the pleasure of taking a front seat and, moreover, I have the honor of working alongside this Dark Royal.

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Remember Grueheads. You are not EVER alone. The sight you will notice that when one domino falls, the rest follow like lambs to the slaughter. There is no rhyme or reason for this act. Is it the laws of physics or destiny of the gods? I’ll leave that open for discussion. Much like the dominoes, the same can be said for The Grue. When one of us falls we all feel the pain, and like them fluffy sheep we follow; but not to despair. Our helping hand opens with trust and honor to pick up our fallen veteran. It’s these animations that extract us from the sea bed and wake us from our despair. We forget that we have these larger than life characters among us, and I am grateful to be part of this budding family.

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