Broken Bloody Wings (Take Flight)


Life has dealt me some punishing blows
below the belt and right under my nose
by all accounts, that’s just how it goes
but these broken wings still take flight


I’ve been battered and bruised with intent
taken roughly without my consent
all this does is make me more hell-bent
on soaring now towards the light


I’ve dealt with unkindness and cruelty
They’ve had me believing I’m faulty
Such negativity has brought me
To the juncture I find myself now


My wings are torn and in tatters
but idyllic views never shatter
as I hold on tight to what matters
not ready to throw in the towel


Into a battle victorious
Side by side, brazen and glorious
negativity’s so damned laborious
we rise above such with true grace


No matter how much we are taunted
we ride forth forever undaunted
our closets are no longer haunted
we stare skeletons in the face


To any of life’s sorry fakers
be aware you’ll no longer break us
your attempts will just serve to make us
desire even more to move forth


There’s sight, we are no longer blind
we leave your vile sickness behind
our collective darkness combined
allows for this bright white light source



You may believe you can fracture
through all the bullshit manufactured
but you can’t dismantle our stature
too burly an army we form


You send out your chilly retorts
attempting to sell us all short
we deflect you with all we are taught
you cannot diminish such warmth


We place all our faith in each other
my glorious Sisters and Brothers
such fools have now blown all their cover
and we shall take on this advantage


We’ll stride on regardless of you
we’ll rise with the knowledge we’re true
ever-gushing Rivers of Grue
supply us our exclusive vantage


Misguided attempts now to halt us
are fruitless in these crimson waters,
we’re hares and you’re merely the tortoise
too lurching such urchins shall fail


We continue to grow effervescent
through learning from each of life’s lessons
our belief is so ever-present
our light is too bright now to pale



Sinners one and all,
Keeper of the Crimson Quill




    1. Your hand is accepted True Grue Angel and bowed to in return. I am proud to have touched you with my prose, it is all I can ever ask to do. Our family is bleeding in such sweet unison and I know that itch will need scratching again soon. When it does, the Grueheads are in for a treat True Grue Angel-style. Such exquisite prose, inspirational and inspired always. Your Leige bursts with bloody pride always xo

  1. After reading this thrice, with a tear in my eye, pride in my heart, I can only say #MacheteUp Keeper. Those who hate, have no insight, foresight. As we bleed, we cover the landscape in Crimson, it brings the family closer. xo

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