Rivers of Truth: Conviction Not Fiction

Rivers of Truth: Conviction Not Fiction


Honesty is the best policy; no shit Sherlock. I’ve spent my life living behind white lies, repressing my true self and not allowing those dearest to me to see my bloody spread of crimson feathers and allowed myself to doubt my place in humanity. For years I’ve been muted, often by my own choice, but the voice I now possess enables me to step out of the darkness. I’ve long been an open book, often to my detriment it may appear, but I hold my chin aloft now going forward as I stand proudly for the first time in a long time. Conviction is a valuable asset, we hide from no man and hold belief in the kindness of spirit. Such self-assuredness is gained from one another; through support and love our capabilities are enhanced tenfold and the dreams we reach for suddenly feel valid and within our grasp.


We all work towards a common goal; true enlightenment not just personal but collective. Together we achieve this effortlessly, after all what good is insight if not shared. We’ve all had to ride these choppy waves, often appearing submerged in negativity. Ultimately we know how this converts into strength and it is with great pride that I report we do so now. This family unit has been thoughtfully forged, our passions are reignited through involvement with such a cause. The bullshit fed has been consumed for too long a time now and we have built a sturdy resistance to such poppycock. No longer will we be too afraid to have a voice, it is our basic human right to state our preference. We do so passionately; no hide out necessary, we can openly express ourselves within these Rivers without fear of reprisal. There are no wagging fingers, disapproving nods or sharpened knives plunged into our spleens unawares.

gremlins sing

We are beginning to broaden these bloody banks, there are many names you should all be getting familiar with now; both play integral parts in the revolution which is now in full swing. Other treats are being constantly lined up for y’all. A special Keeper battle cry is inbound to lift your spirits higher and in the meantime we have shit queued up and ready to fire out consistently. Resident bleeders all spread the love far and wide in their respective blogs and others are now beginning to see the light we cast.


As we move forward as a collective, the skies are starting to clear. Clouds dissipate, darkness dissolves like soluble aspirin and illuminations guide us every second towards our pre-destined utopia. Love continues to spread, we are all inter-woven with the affectionate essence of other found souls. I no longer regard them as ‘lost’, how can any one of us feel bewildered when such marvelous fruits of love are ripening in our gardens. Any new to the Grue are welcomed, you enter at a pivotal time. The site is loaded to the back teeth with content now, our garden of Eden has long flourished and you’ll find something to suit all tastes within. Whether horror you crave, a little erotica, downright comedy, constant truthful bleeds, heartfelt poetry or our renowned battle cries, you’ll find it here in any of our archive pages.


Where do we move forward from here? Our militia is already constructing but always evolving. As for Keeper, you just can’t shut me up. I never run dry, the quill bleeds habitually and at a rate of knots which just keeps quickening. I thank every last one of the Grueheads for spurring me on when my own place in society was question. I repay such faith perpetually.

Sin-chronization Dark Nation,
Illumination, Elation,
Dissipation of Trepidation,
Within our collective souls’ station.

Keeper of the Crimson Quill




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