Bonus Rodent


Mouse me this and mouse me that
A set of whiskers and an old top hat
The rodent in question came for the kicks
It fashioned some mouse-skis from old twig-like sticks



Downhill it descended and into the trap
Humane it was plain it benignly went snap
Claustrophobic mouserama shuffled in its cramp space
With a wall on its rectum and another its face



As it slid like a flid nearly breaking the seal
The impaler grasped its cage and shook with some zeal
He’s alive let me check hear some movement in there
He was wrong mouse extinct and it just wasn’t fair



Shook with thrift vigor shown mouse’s fuse swiftly blown
What good is a mouse party if attended alone
The little fella would’ve made a most beautiful bride
Now he’s dead stale white bread so he flung it outside



Took its fortunes stole its curse unclaimed coinage from its purse
strapped it to a roller boot inky black like a hearse
Mouse not pleased or appeased by the cruelty in which seized
All it came for was a slither of that old cottage cheese



What it got was a cot as he rocked it to slumber
Gentle foxtrot was replaced with the gnarliest rumba
Rabbit’s toe as it goes is a charm not to duck
Kill a shrew shame on you take away mouse’s luck




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#BrutalWordWrangler #CrimsonHoneyDripper #CruelWordSculptor
Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2013


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  1. I could have cherrypicked the entire thing. But I liked this….
    Shook with thrift, vigor shown, Mouse’s fuse swiftly blown,
    What good is a mouse Party, if attended alone,

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