Platinum Bars: 100 Mile Salute


Suggested Audio 8-Ball:

N.W.A. 100 Miles & Runnin’


In exile a hundred miles from the promised land
to escape in good shape is my strongest plan
If I can outrun fate and avoid all this hate
Then I’ll earn my title as the running man


98 still to run and fatigue no concern
Should I learn of the burn then no gurn you’ll discern
I’ve got one pre-loaded and it bears your name
and to think you ever doubted that the Chemist has game


As for fame overrated sparingly designated
That’s why the richest cats are also the most hated
When I flex my vocation it takes a nation to hold
society’s stagnation makes my blood run cold


66 miles to go and nobody can catch me
It’s def con 5, these dogs wanna dispatch me
I’ll take what they fire with no bulletproof visor
If you think I’m going down I can’t wait to surprise ya


My field of vision is vast your next decision’s your last
And my precision with incision is a different class
While you’re there bleeding out I’m 33 from the dome
and I guess right now is time to let your crimes be known


I see the sense in cussing but ladies ain’t no bitches
They’re angelic, cherry relics and they flick my switches
11 left to nirvana I’m well on my way
Now I’ll pick up the pace for the last 10K


Finish line is in sight and the wire is live
It’s heavy artillery for the final five
Delta force, of course the last line of defense
Searchlights twitching behind me as I head for the fence


Got one more trick up my sleeve as I reach terra firma
It may ring a bell and it should fuckin’ concern ya
Those bitches ain’t bitches that’s the shame in your game
And these bare-naked chicks are one hell of an aim


Beastie_Boys_1Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Humpty Hump

Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2013

486_SHOCKG 6 (as Humpty)

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  1. True Angel of Grue, she’s a fine fetched animal
    Can also spit words like starved caged cannibal

    Given a chance she can throw out her prose
    Where it will land and find home only one else knows

    Load a gun, fire a shot without having to mark it
    But that shots full of love and searching a target

    When it lands it is felt like a full blown granade
    Stand by her and feel loved you’re away from the fade.

    Never doubt for a second her full blown intent
    Her soul split wide open and bled with conscent

    Always and Forever her love is quite pure
    Trust in her always and know this for sure

    She is the light of lights and protects you so freely
    No other light is quite as bright or sincerely.

    sorry no chorus just felt like spittin a few words 🙂

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