Grue Entry Season 1 Episode 8


It has been a while Grueheads but eventually the two sickest puppies in the litter have once again reunited for another priceless meeting of the minds in the Savage Vaults. We talk a little about favorite death scenes from horror films through the ages and, as per usual, become hopelessly sidetracked and end up belting out tunes in the angelic choir-boy voices we were gifted. Totally irreverent as always, utterly ridiculous yet strangely compelling viewing, we bring you Episode 8 of our 10-part first season and ask only that you join us for the festivities.

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Also, an extra little treat for you. There have been requests to hear Keeper reading out Storytime in his native tongue so, for the first time, I have obliged. Firm favorite The Hecklers, brand new piece Be Kind Rewind and the first in the Crimson Honey Dripper series, namely The Drizzling, all receive the Keeper treatment for your audible delight. Alternatively links for each of the three Storytimes appear at the very top of each article.

Click here to view Grue Entry Season 1 Episode 8



Click here for The Hecklers Audio Storytime


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Click here for Be Kind Rewind Audio Storytime



Click here for The Drizzling Audio Storytime


Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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  1. Oh Keeper, I love this, the Audio Story Time!! In Be Kind Rewind, The Rabbit Hutch Affair was so funny and the way you read it was great! I think this is a start to something wonderful. Don’t Stop! Thank you for making me laugh! Xoxo

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