Crimson Honey Dripper: The Nuzzling




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Let’s snuggle Grueheads, assume dry humping posturing as Keeper tests every ounce of our resolve by sliding in under the divan alongside you. Expect to be spooned to within a millimeter of your mortality, you will feel my monster slamming your posterior like barn doors in a twister but it shall remain ‘firmly’ sheathed on this occasion. We shall attain the same results this time without the need for stating the downright pronounced and instead we shall work on the multitude of other points within which we can achieve such elevated gratification and contentment.


Occasionally all we need in life is to be held, to feel secure within the wingspan of one we love…whom adores us in return. We crave contact, those fingers through our manes, the delicate cheek brushes of another and those warm arms wrapped around us, keeping us safe from harm.  Moreover, these instances can be fiercely erotic when shared by two people in love and Keeper cherishes you all so I really have no qualm at all with tucking y’all in to sleep on this night. Let nuzzling commence, it is time purely to feel.


Being mindful of our male readership, I don’t wish them to feel  like rickshaw baskets so gentlemen, if you prefer, think of me as Keeper’s buxom younger sibling Kendra of The Crimson Quill and apply wherever necessary. You’ve all got imaginations, allow them to soar, as my prose is very much unisex. Whomever you decide me to represent, I am here beneath the sheets keeping things exquisitely toasty. You discern my sultry breath as it brushes against the hairs of your neck, halting at your malleable lobe and taking an impish tug. I juggle it between my teeth, tongue darting and give it the faintest of licks as you begin to percolate southside.


“I love you” are three ickle words which carry such divine weight in situations such as the one we find ourselves in presently. They wisp around in the air, so faintly that you can barely make them out and then hang in your orbit like crystal chandeliers, jingling their delightful jangle as your heart begins to swell in your chest. Any of the day’s obstacles are now behind you, as are mine as I press my ensign against your ass dimple. My hands meanwhile, are making in-roads all over your pelt, glancing delicately but with intent across every part of you, lighting each waypoint as they go.


Within our manic schedules and boxed-in time-frames, sometimes all we need is to feel that closeness. The lips have exclusive properties when used in the correct manner and can bring one to the summit of their desire effortlessly. Right now, they just want to prove a point. You see, we fear for non-acceptance when revealing certain parts of ourselves to another and, as mind-boggling as it may seem, I really am no different. I have my insecurities just like the next person. In my company tonight, one thing will become startlingly clear as my lips cross the raised ridges of any abrasions on your flesh…you will feel more beautiful than you have ever felt. I pay particular attention to any such ‘blemishes’ as they fascinate me intensely, each line or scar representing what makes you unique from everyone else.


Forget all the pointers given by trash publications, ignore the air-brushed photography which keeps us feeling just inadequate enough to invest in all the over-priced products they peddle within their bindings and instead just focus on being exactly who you are, warts and all. This pleases me as who the fuck are they to dictate anyhoots? Beauty is often described as being skin deep and this is, in some ways, accurate. However, any true aphrodisiacs are housed deep within, far beneath our pelts. Make love to my mind and you take me roughly, stimulate my brain and the Monster leaning against your buttocks reaches its apex swiftly and without inhibition. It is the meeting of the minds which proceeds the true joining of the flesh for Keeper. So relax and leave all your insecurities to one side as you will not be needing them from hereon in.


Whatever garments you are still wearing may as well come off now, leave the panties as a last line of defense as they actually offer precious little. Allow me to roll you over onto your front and begin crisscrossing kisses across your spine like I’m lacing a corset. My tongue shall run an entire course from the soft skin at the top of your shoulder blades, right down to your back rack crack…where it will simply continue slurping. Parting your ass like some sensual Moses, my licker carries its descent through, and briefly into, your asshole.


Closely in tow are my nostrils which flare to suck in the air of your clenched muscle and they follow my mouth down the inside of your thigh; over your panties, which are now around about your ankles, resting ultimately on your heel. Within moments I have each of your toes in my possession, starting with each in turn, before deep-throating them in clusters. Head to toe, nowhere off limits, I set no boundaries in rendezvous such as these.


I could take you right now where you lay, your defenses are shattered and my Monster paces within its rusty confines like a caged cheetah, raging and spitting below the veil as it wishes only to desecrate the divine platter teased before it. Not this time…I am a gentleman and man of my word. There is no pre-requisite for penetration, this exercise need not go off with a bang, although should that happen you shall not be chastised by Keeper. This time I respectfully recover your resplendent pelt and simply nuzzle in close, let my love for you become evident and, when you awaken at dusk this time…I will still be beside you.


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Sin in as many ways possible,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2014



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