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Inspiration is all around me. Today I have felt lethargic in the extreme and haven’t eaten a significant meal all weekend. I had felt ten years older than my age and that all changed with a solitary comment on Twitter.


“You tackle subject matter I’d long convinced myself ceased to exist, brought it to the surface, & allowed me to stand arms outstretched towards the sky, palms facing upward & have allowed me to release decades of hidden emotions…I am in awe”.




My mind has been like C4, burly hunks of potentially potent explosives ready for ignition and this show of faith lit the fuse. I didn’t see it coming and gratefully got caught in the blast radius, where I currently await imminent detonation. This, dearest Grueheads, is how we can dig ourselves out of any trench, no matter how insurmountable it may initially appear. We have the ability to empathize and that is one of the most valuable commodities within the great human condition. We can make a connection with another and that is the most glorious beacon of light we can aspire to stand beside.


The real kicker is this however. A fuse that is sparked can also transfer its energy, causing a perpetual cycle if we all just pay it forward in life. There are always going to be those who get our goats and, the older we get, the easier it becomes to accept that as long as we don’t let the dastardly bitterness in.


To make another person smile or, better still, to inspire and empower them to feel something dormant inside of them is a life-enriching experience and all the stimulation I require to keep on keeping on. Knowing exactly what it is I have set out to achieve by fashioning the crimson rivers we submerge ourselves within allows you to navigate the extensive archives within these savage vaults and find the ripest of fruit.


Every kind word or nod of appreciation has been paramount to me convincingly continuing on the path I traverse daily. There have been times when it has been tough to keep a stiff upper lip but it is these instances that we can connect with another positive soul and reignite that spark. It really is as simple a science as that and, believe me, having blown myself up in a Physics lecture I can attest to only having the most fundamental grasp of science. Mercifully safety wiring and circuit breakers averted any ‘ding’ moments and I avoided looking like Brundlefly’s gibbon that time which is why it’s so vital to practice better chemistry through living.

Recently there has been all manner of unrest in certain quarters and, as y’all will be aware, I sidestep it like side-walk dog shit in a downpour. I remove myself politely every time and this could be perceived as cowardly but couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is more courageous sometimes in life to simply dosey doe to the side, moreover, it’s something of an art form. I have a voice and use it where necessary but generally I avoid this because I don’t feel at ease casting judgement on another. That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to love and to spread it like mumps. Those who know me truly, know that ‘conflict’ is my least favorite word beginning with c. Actually, ‘cannot’ would hold that title but you get my gist?


Anyhoots, I don’t feel so whacked or lacking in appetite after reading those beautifully stated words and that is what we call transfer of energy. There is a network waiting to be tapped into and we all have our moments of self-doubt for sure but always come back to this. I don’t always get chance to partake in conversations but I just like being there in the room watching the electricity sparking between fellow Grueheads. Ultimately I’m a simple man with simple needs with a capacity for prose which broadens through each positive interaction. Y’all help me daily in becoming the man I know I am and it fills me with pure ecstasy to reciprocate that.Kindred_quad-1


We all have differences but those create tools for healthy debate and need not ever incite irreconcilable differences. Rivers of Grue is a family always and slackened threads can be repaired but only if all parties step towards the light. It is sometimes harder than it sounds but that is what makes it all the more fulfilling should we bask in said illumination. There is darkness all around us and, indeed, plenty on this site but, so long as you’re getting the gizzle, then you will be aware that light through darkness is always the most invigorating. I let suchlike situations be and openly wish for their resolution. That is as far as my involvement will ever stretch.


We are family, as clichéd as that sounds to deliver, it is the most simple truth in all of this. Bound by something we cannot grasp…our souls. It is life essence we forge so beautifully and that is the most gratifying gift to share with another. I have just returned from one of the most enriching experiences of my life and have sparked the fuse with our beloved Royals, an enchanting experience which will be with me for always. I return from my pilgrimage bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and with pecker up. Thanks to one beautiful arrangement of prose from an honorary Gruehead for life the fuse has been well and truly lit and here comes the BOOM.







  1. I find it all around me every day but there is nothing more beautiful than watching belief return in another and, to think I played a part, makes my soul gush 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Angel of Obsolescence and commented:
    Inspiration……An overwhelming desire to create, generating from the mutual energy exchange between kindred souls which we encounter on our journey. Make no mistake, it is no coincidence.
    Forever indebted <3
    More coming soon XO

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