The Keeper: Chapter III



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“We gonna go down and join them?” Cole asked. Amelia wasn’t exactly overjoyed at the suggestion. “Do we really have to?” she replied. “Well they have all the alcohol downstairs and I’m sitting here with a can of 7up so, if that sheds any light, I guess it would have to be a yes”. Amelia had a fairly chilled relationship with her brother but despised Eden with an absolute vengeance and had done ever since the pair had first been introduced. “That skanky ho is down there and it’s bad enough that Brad has had a face like a viking longboat for the past month and a half without having to hear about all her conquests. I can hear her from here and already I feel like punching her in the tits so what’s it gonna be like when I have to look at her mangy mug?”

“What’s your beef with her anyway?” inquired April. April was Cole’s girlfriend and Amelia’s best friend also, and she was feeling suicidal about the prospect of spending another minute in her poky box room while it all went off downstairs. “She’s a bitch, I could smell her bullshit from a mile off and it’s bad enough I’ve got to share a house with her while dad’s away, let alone make conversation with the slut” Amelia barked. with unmasked vitriol. “Wow, you really hate her” Cole interjected. “Yeah I really hate her. Now can we just move on as I just threw up a little in my throat thinking about that whore”.

“Fine. You two stay here and flick each other’s nipples but I’m going down” he stood up and made his way to the door. “What about me?” April asked, clearly wanting to join him. “Well come then” Cole snapped. She looked over at Amelia who was writhing in her denims at the notion of being subjected to Eden’s inebriated verbal diarrhea. “I’ll be there in a few” she reluctantly agreed and Cole exited. “You can go if you want. I’m fine up here” Amelia suggested. “You are my cross to bear” April responded “but I love ya”. She nuzzled in to her friend before continuing “Seriously though. They’ve got all the booze down there. What’s up with that?”

“Not all of it” Amelia enlightened her, eyebrows animated. She climbed off the bed and ran into her father’s chambers to retrieve a sweetener. When she returned, she was clutching a bottle of black rum and a bag of medical marijuana. This pleased April no end. “You sly motherfucker. Pray tell” she asked. “I know where he keeps his stash. More to the point, he doesn’t mind me hitting it as long as my grades don’t dip. He’s cool my pops”. She flung the hash at April “Roll us one up then”. Amelia was rather skilled with her hands but knew exactly when to play the dumb card. Besides, she couldn’t roll like April. “I’m actually your bitch” her put-upon buddy remarked. “Yes actually you are” was her retort.

“So how’s he been? Your brother”. Amelia hadn’t spoken much about what had occurred with Analise and had had a tendency to bottle ever since her mother passed. She was five and her young mind was still wiring at the time so learned to invert her anguish as dad too was culpable of keeping shit to himself and she was the only girl in a predominantly male household. “He’s taking it bad April. We don’t discuss it much but I know my brother and he is not in a good place. She was actually kind of cool you know”. “Was?” April interrupted. “No wonder he can’t talk to you about it. You make it sound like she’s actually dead”. Amelia shrugged “I think she is to be honest”.




Amelia was a staunch existentialist and far more cynical than her older brother. As far as she was concerned the body was a fickle piece of machinery and this had been proven by the fact that her mom’s accident transpired when she was only thirty-two. “Six weeks and nothing. You know how it works” she said. “Plus, and don’t breathe a word about this to anyone as Brad doesn’t want me telling a soul, but he spoke to her on his cell the night she vanished and she was in distress”. April immediately stopped rolling and looked her straight in the whites of her eyes. “You’re shitting me” was all she could muster. “I shit you never. She was being chased or something like that anyway. He said he could barely hear her but he knows she was in trouble”.

“Do the police know about this?” was April’s obvious next poser. “Course they do and it’s been plastered all over the news but you didn’t know and I think he’s hoping that’s the general form”. April never cared for the news and had a personal bugbear against all media types so generally remained blinkered to current affairs. “I’m shocked Amelia. It also doesn’t sound good for her” she agreed. “No she’s worm food. Not meaning to sound harsh but she’s been had. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was in the bottom of that creek you know”.

“But they already dredged that up didn’t they?” April may have been oblivious to the news but she wasn’t a total hermit crab. “Yeah and they didn’t find anything but you’ve seen the size of that thing. There’s no way they can be sure”. Nationwide cuts to the forces had hit their town hard and there wasn’t enough manpower to cover every inch of such a wide expanse. “Can we change the subject as I suddenly feel more than a little freaked?” April grabbed the bag of drugs and continued with her three-skin masterpiece. “Sorry but you did ask” Amelia reminded her. “Starting to wish I hadn’t”.

“So please tell me we’re not staying up here all night like a pair of trolls” was April’s next plea. “What do you want. We’ve got alcohol, hash and each other. Sounds like a no-brainer to me” said Amelia. “No offense dearest but you just depressed the shit out of me and I kind of fancy watching B-Movies with the masters of horror downstairs”. April knew she was flogging a dead nag so decided to meet her halfway “Tell you what. As you clearly have ants in your vadge crease, we’ll head down in say… thirty minutes. Give that ropy moose a chance to pass out. She invariably does by midnight you know”. “Thank you” April replied sarcastically and grabbed both Amelia’s hands in hers before continuing “You are a good lady. You know that?” This caused a smirk. “I’m the best bitch and don’t you forget it” she said in her best trollop dialect.

April held her freshly prepared joint aloft proudly. “So tell me I’m not a wizard”. Amelia had a response lined up for her “You’re a regular Harriet Potter now light that fool and let’s get blazed” she ordered. “You know what? That’s the only smart thing you’ve said all night” April replied and sauntered over to open the window. Amelia followed her over and gestured with her lighter. April lit up and puffed hard while the cherry consolidated its orange glow. “I can see the creek from here” she said, exhaling with a faint splutter and passing the joint to Amelia. “She could be out there right now, doesn’t that freak you out a little” she continued. “I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep since it happened” April replied with sobriety. She blew a smoke ring outside and flicked her ash over the window ledge.


mystery scene


Downstairs the movie was about to commence. “Alright everyone zip it. It’s time for us all to bask in one of the most glorious science fiction movies of all time” Edgar announced. This cleared the room as neither Brad or Cole shared his enthusiasm while, true to form, Eden was comatose and slumped against Vincent, who had no intention of leaving the main event anyway. “Enjoy your space maggots boys” quipped Brad, who had perked up since Cole had joined them. Although he was two years his senior, the pair got along famously and Brad had already decided that he could mope no longer, not tonight, it wasn’t what Analise would have wanted. “Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?” asked Vince. “Twas a tough call guys. It sounds truly the spectacle really” was his typically sardonic response.

Edgar glanced over at his associate who was attempting to position himself correctly to grab a quick eyeful down Eden’s open top. “You know if this were a horror movie right now we’d be FUBAR right? We’d truly be surplus to requirements” he remarked. “Speak for yourself” Vince replied “I’ve watched enough low-rent horror in my time to know how to avoid all the pitfalls”. Edgar chortled “You’re right of course. The Frog Brothers have got nothing on us”. Vince decided it was time to test his buddy’s knowledge “Right then, quick twenty pointer. Who was the first merc to get iced in Aliens?” was his poser. “That’s easy it was Dietrich” Edgar responded smugly. “Wrong. It was Frost you newb. Dietrich got incubated so technically she wasn’t dead. Shame on you”. Edgar hung his head in shame. By his deductions he was 140 points behind now and Vince’s lead was beginning to look unassailable.

In the kitchen Belinda and Norton had pretty much run out of small talk and secretly she felt a great sense of relief that Brad and Cole had come to join them. She really wasn’t into him, sure he was kindhearted, generous and warm but he also posed no form of a challenge and that was a TKO as far as she was concerned. She had been infatuated with Brad for years but never plucked up the courage to tell him how she felt and, considering she was tight with Analise, had decided not to act on her impulses. She liked to think of herself as morally astute and could appreciate that the pair were meant to be together thus left well alone.

“Norton man, you’re looking punished” Cole pointed out that all color had drained from his face and been replaced by an almost fluorescent tinge of green. “I’m good” Norton replied without a whiff of conviction but the mouthful of acidic bile slinking up his esophagus suggested otherwise. “Brad, look at your boy there. Think you may have to prescribe him an Evian” Cole joked. Norton was fully aware that he was going down faster than Bill Clinton’s zipper at one of his public addresses but didn’t appreciate being mocked in front of Belinda. As far as he was concerned he’d been making headway and objected to Cole’s over familiarity. Who was this bag of dicks anyways? “I’m in my prime son” he retorted in his best alpha.

Suddenly Amelia called out from the stairwell. “Brad” she sounded frantic and he darted out to see what all the commotion was about. Edgar and Vince tutted as he chose the spot right in their peripheral vision, obscuring their movie. “What is it sis…what’s going on?” he replied. “I think you’d better come up here now” she said and he was at the foot of the stairs before she could finish her sentence “April just saw something over by the creek and I think you need to hear this”. He made it up the staircase in three strides and headed towards his sister’s room. Downstairs Vince was fumbling for the remote. “Fuck sake. You realize we just missed a kill?” he snarled. “Some folk have no idea about priorities do they?” was Edgar’s reply. “No idea” Vince pumped his buddy’s fist and they returned to their movie.




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