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“This is excruciating. I can’t handle this” Amelia had been pacing impatiently for the past five minutes “I’ve got to go and find out what’s going on”. Belinda had now joined her and April in her bedroom and was struggling to keep both girls calm. “Give it another five minutes. They’re all big boys, they can look after themselves” she stated. “You didn’t see what we did Belinda. I’m telling you something isn’t right” Amelia replied. “So what did you see?” Belinda inquired. April snapped out of her self-induced coma at that point “We saw Analise” she said in a less than hopeful tone. “That’s good right? It means she’s alive. Are you sure it was her?”

April and Amelia glanced at each other. “Yeah it was definitely her. But she wasn’t wearing any clothes and she looked different” Amelia piped up. “No shit” April added. “What do you mean different. Listen, you’ve got to explain this better sugar. I’ve had a skinful and right now there’s not a lot that you’re saying that’s making a whole lot of sense” said Belinda, who felt distinctly like she hadn’t been given the whole low down of events. “She was covered in blood” April blurted much to Amelia’s bemusement. “Then we have to call the police then. Like yesterday” Belinda replied.

“No” Amelia snapped “Brad doesn’t want to call them. We wait for them to come back and then work out what to do next”. This made no sense to Belinda. “Why not take a walk down there?” she suggested. Brad had been adamant that he didn’t want his sister coming to the creek and Amelia was caught in two minds. Part of her respected her brother’s wishes but the other, more dominant part, was feeling hopeless stuck here while none of them had the slightest inkling what was going on. “Vince and Ed are downstairs. We just get them to come with” said April, who appeared to be having a turn around. “That’s if you can tear them away from their movie” Belinda remarked.

Downstairs, Vincent and Edgar were wide-eyed. Vince was considering how a film can just keep getting better with age, totally unaware of the dramatics that were currently playing out in Amelia’s room. Edgar, on the other hand, had taken a breather and was submerged in Angry Birds on his smart phone. “That is sacrilege my friend” Vince quipped “Poe would hang his head in shame if he knew you were missing the movie to fling birds around with an oversized catapult”. Edgar chuckled “Right. ‘Cos a great literary mind like that would have been tight with Roger Corman if he was still around” he replied sarcastically. “Don’t knock Galaxy of Terror dude. Just don’t. I expect that from the other lame-brains but not from you”.

With that, the three girls made their way downstairs, provoking a weary tut from Vincent as they once again chose the spot right in front of the television to congregate. “You guys are needed” Belinda informed the pair. This grabbed Vincent’s attention while Edgar was too busy working out how the hell to make his last bird count as he’d just overshot the last two. “Ed!” April hollered. This got his attention. “Nobody calls me Ed” he retorted. “Shut your face hole for a second and listen” April barked. Belinda, who was the calmest of the three and easily the best spokesperson at this point, then explained calmly. “We think Analise is down at the creek”. Amelia interrupted “She is”. Belinda continued “alright she is down there. The guys have been gone for twenty minutes and we haven’t heard anything. Amelia is freaking. We need you two to come with us”.




“Why didn’t you just say?” said Vince, jumping out of his seat while Edgar pocketed his smart phone and prepared to join him. “One thing” he stopped for second “what about sleeping beauty here?”. Belinda pondered for a second. “Hopefully she’ll choke on her own puke and die horribly” April muttered under her breath from behind her. “That’s not cool. Listen, she’s dead to the world. We let her sleep it off. Everyone agreed?” Belinda suggested. Vince looked down at the insentient teen. Her face was pressed against a pillow and a small pool of saliva had formed at the side of her open mouth. “She’s had it bro. Look at her. Unless you’re into date rape I’d say you’re on a loser” Edgar joked. “Fuck off bozo” was Vincent’s swift reply. “Not the time guys” April bellowed. “Right then. Let’s do this” said Edgar, grabbing his coat and heading towards the door with Vincent in tow. “Finally” muttered April contemptuously.

They headed off from the house in two groups. The girls were busy conferring over what to do when they got there while Vincent and Edgar lagged a few yards behind and were applying their vast knowledge of horror to inform their actions. “First thing. We stick together” said Vince. “Duh! You do know who you’re talking to right?” was the immediate response. “Just checking. We split up, we die horribly” Vince continued. “So if this were a slasher flick who would bite the bullet first then?” Edgar quizzed “it would be Eden right?”

Vincent nodded “Nope. Come on now. You should know the biggest slut never goes first. She gets it later and gets it bad. The killer would pick off any nondescripts first”. Edgar was sure he knew who fitted the bill “you mean Norton” he asked. “You’re kidding right. Norton is clearly a virgin so he is granted immunity through the opening rounds” Vince replied. “Well if that’s the case then it looks like you’ll be the last one standing” Edgar teased, knowing full well that he too possessed a cherry which remained intact “of course if that includes masturbation then you’re in dire straits dude”.

“Can you hear them two?” asked Belinda. “Ordinarily I try my level best at blocking them out” April replied. “Who invited them anyway?” Amelia joined in, attempting to forget the feeling of dread which she had felt since she was back at the house. “You can blame your brother for that one” informed Belinda. This only served to remind Amelia that her brother was still nowhere to be seen. They could all see the creek clearly now from their position on the brow of the hill. It appeared eerily quiet, no sign of any one of the boys. This was most unlike Brad, who knew how distraught his little sister had been and wouldn’t simply leave her hanging like this without good reason.

“What do you think has happened to them?” Amelia asked. “Probably got lost in the wood” Belinda replied. “Not Brad. We used to play in that forest every day growing up. He knows it back to front”. Suddenly Vince called out from behind “Any of you see that?” April looked around. “See what?” she said. “There’s somebody down there. Just saw movement at twelve o’clock” He pointed directly in front of them at the entrance way to the thicket. Aside from a few swaying branches there didn’t appear to be any movement. “Where are we supposed to be looking?” quizzed Amelia. “There. Right in front of us. Somebody’s down there” he continued. “That’s got to be them” Belinda stated. They all picked up the pace.




Back at the house something broke Eden’s slumber. She rubbed her eyes and tried to sit up but came over instantly queasy and slumped back on the couch. “Yo?” she groaned. “Where’s everyone at?” No response although it sounded like there was somebody shuffling around upstairs. “Fucking assholes” she snarled, thinking better than to attempt to move to a vertical position. She glanced at the screen and was greeted by the sight of alien tentacles wrapping themselves around a hapless victim’s face and crushing it to smithereens. “Nice” she said to herself, feeling the bile rising up her throat as she did.

The sound recommenced and sounded like it was coming from Amelia’s room. Eden was only too aware how much Amelia hated her guts thus didn’t even bother calling out. Instead she reached for her cell and proceeded to tap in Belinda’s number. Nothing, signal down. She tried Brad’s, then Norton’s. Still nothing, they all went straight to answering machine. “Fuck sake” she mumbled to herself. Eventually she summoned up the energy to move from her seat and wandered to the kitchen, propping herself up against the wall as she traveled. Again, total no-show.

Eden considered pouring herself another shot but thought better of it and made her way over to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water instead. As she opened it the audio from above her position became louder. Thump. “You’re not helping my headache” she called out. Thump. Thump. Questioning whether the pounding she could hear was coming from inside her own head, she took a seat on the stool by the worktop and placed her head in her hands. “I’m never drinking again after tonight” she grumbled to herself, knowing that to be a complete mistruth as she said the same thing every time she drank without fail. Eden was not the kind of girl to do anything in halves. That bottle of Absinthe would be full until it was empty in her eyes and it appeared there was still plenty left.

The noise was becoming more pronounced now and was concentrated in one place, directly above her position. Thump. Thump. This time curiosity got the better of Eden and she shifted her weight to her legs once more and made her way lopsidedly back to the staircase. “Hey. Who’s up there?” she hollered. “It’s me Analise. I want to see you” came a reply. Realizing it was indeed Analise, Eden’s sobriety returned instantaneously and she bolted up the stairs a little too fast, causing her head to spin as she once again felt the vomit rising in her throat. Thump. The audio was coming from Amelia’s room as she had suspected.

She took a moment to recompose herself and then headed along the landing, reaching for the door handle. “Analise?” She pushed the door open, entirely unprepared for the sight which greeted her. It was Analise but she wasn’t aware of Eden’s presence. She was entirely naked, painted in blood top to bottom and banging her head against the wall. Eden burst into tears, relieved that her friend was alive but horrified at everything else regarding the current scenario. “Sweetie?” she strode over cautiously and placed her hand on Analise’s shoulder, turning the girl around to face her. The next sound to leave Eden’s lips was a blood-coagulating shriek.


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Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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  1. Going for a 3rd read. It’s absolutely brilliant!!!
    If this were a book I can honestly say it would be the 2nd in my entire life I’d read start to finish without stopping.
    My first ever was Stephen King’s THE DARK HALF, no word of a lie.
    I am truly engulfed in this.
    Please keep it coming.
    I thirst for more.

  2. This is awesome..I could see this as a novel, I’m already lost in the world you’ve created and It is most hypnotic! I know I say this a lot but it is the truth..hahaha…I can’t wait for more! Bravo Keeper!! Xoxo

  3. I am in complete and utter awe. I am at a loss for words of praise that even begin to do this piece justice. You are by far the most talented writer I have had the pleasure of reading. Keeper…. do…not….EVER….put the quill down. Promise me………..You have created a most insatiable appetite within…I..NEED more……until then…..I will have no choice but to wait. The second hand on the clock ticking agonizingly slow…..<3

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