Living Dead Girl




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Philip Glass “It Was Always You, Helen”




Laid out upon the cold mortuary slab
All life drained away from your shell
A vision of charm ever since death granted
Release from your personal hell


Should you need blood then take it
Would never forsake it
Drink freely until you are stronger
Quench unstintingly as it’s crucial you feed
Shall bleed ’til I can so no longer


If you hanker to bite
I shall put up no fight
Sink your teeth bereft fear of reprisal
For should my last breath be excised on this night
You would welcome me on my arrival


As our mortal coils weather
Eroding together
The air will be feverishly calm
For fused to each tether
Attuned through the never
We’ll never again come to harm


Who ever loved that loved not at last light
Mortality may well be fleeting
Yet, true love encourages infinite flight
Regardless of hearts that cease beating


Bid farewell to the flesh
As we watch it recess
No requirement to kiss or to tell
The reason I crave the embrace of sweet death
Is for me and my living dead girl





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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