Living Dead Girl

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Philip Glass It Was Always You, Helen

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You dazzle my soul with your smile you devour
Our mortality may well be fleeting
But true love finds a way if sufficient in power
Regardless of hearts ceasing beating


Embalmed and restrained on that mortuary slab
All life drained away from your shell
All suffering ceased you finally have
Release from your personal hell


Need blood? Here then take it, I’ll never forsake it
Drink freely until you are stronger
Quench as long as you need, it’s crucial you feed
I’ll bleed ’til I can so no longer


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Should you need to bite I’ll not put up a fight
Sink your teeth without fear of reprisal
Should my last breath be sucked from my lungs on this night
Then you’ll welcome me on my arrival


As our bodies weather eroding together
We’ll feel death in each other’s arms
But joined by each tether, attuned through the never
We’ll never again come to harm


Farewell to the flesh we shall watch it recess
No need now to kiss and to tell
The truth why I’m craving this eternal rest
Is for me and my living dead girl


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