It’s such a long way down from here
from perched upon this summit
My vertigo is kicking in
Not ready yet to plummet


A steep drop is before me
should I heed nature’s call
no harnesses or safety nets
just rocks to break my fall


My bones will shatter skull will crack
should I decide to drop
I think I’m best off staying here
It’s safer at the top


Sometimes you have to take the plunge
and step over the ledge
It’s clear what lies behind me
but not what waits ahead




I’m here now so I may as well
just take this leap of faith
I’m told it looks worse than it is
assured that I’ll be safe


I may well need a miracle
good fortune on my part
but miracles can happen
if you learn to trust your heart


I’m stepping over, mind’s made up
consider this my fate
can’t turn back time once I descend
could try but it’s too late


I see the ground approaching fast
I guess I’ll find out soon
I’ll take this leap a thousand times
If you’ll leap with me too



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