Anonymous Narcotic



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Signs of Chaos “Crackerjack”





The edges are closing in
The walls around me suffocate
Grant me bittersweet release


Take me where I stand
Fill me up I beg of you
I’m not fazed in the least


Grant me every high
I’ll take each low willingly
Numbness brings it’s own reward


No true sense in feeling
There’s no real shame within the game
I make this choice of own accord



There it is, the pay-off
Reality scares me no longer
I’m free within its dull confines


Turning back reveals no path
It is inside, I feel as much
Each stroke makes clear its design


It’ll level out in time
I’ve been here many times before
I know each of its ebbs and flows


One more now just for luck
It’s safer if I take this hit
Before my vein begins to close



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