Keeper in The Crash Palace


When I was first approached by Billy Crash and asked for an interview I was thrilled and dubious in equal measures; thrilled as Billy is someone who I have the utmost respect for and dubious as I tend to speak more eloquently through prose then I do the spoken word. It was late July and I was about to embark on a seven-week pilgrimage to assist with production of The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood so unfortunately the idea had to be shelved until my return but I remember thinking “sure am glad it’s Bill.” Hence, we decided to take a rain check until things had returned to normal for me, or as close as such as they were ever likely to get. In the back of my head there was still trepidation; I had only ever been interviewed once before and, despite my interviewer being both professional and a dab hand at setting me at ease, I felt I had botched the opportunity somewhat. There may be a thousand thoughts floating around my cranium but sometimes just prying a single one from your lips can be quite the challenge. Thus, I ended up like a rabbit in headlamps, feeling almost fraudulent as why would anyone want to hear me harp on about myself for an hour?

Maybe I needed a bout of media training? Not bloody likely, it angers me listening to laborious chess games between two pawns unwilling to commit. I’d rather look stupid than uninspired. Plus, come the end, nobody would be any the wiser. As you are all aware, playing safe isn’t in Keeper’s repertoire; I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to witness and openly welcome scrutiny. Yet, place me in front of a microphone and I wither up like an old man’s testicles and don’t know my port from my starboard. Knowing it would be Bill posing the questions, I felt far more relaxed during the lead up to our date. He actually reads my work and has commented on numerous occasions so I knew he had a handle on what questions to ask and how to go about them. Alas, Skype is perhaps my greatest enemy in life; a blank emotionless dashboard-bereft mind field which refuses the simplest task of allowing me to log on. Thankfully, Scarlet Genesis was on hand to offer her superior technical know-how and another obstacle was traversed.

I was interviewed briefly whilst in Los Angeles but by somebody who had only met me that very evening. As a result, none of the questions asked cut past surface level and it felt a little pointless and meandering …excruciating even. Regardless I had great faith that this would be very different and, I’m thrilled to report, it was exactly that. There are certain questions a scribe like myself wishes to be asked and Billy knew exactly what they were. He gets me and was genuinely interested in digging beneath the veneer. Keeper being Keeper, I welcomed each of them and found myself relaxing which, given my lack of vocal eloquence, is some ask I can assure you. As well as being one of the most tireless and highly regarded promoters in the industry, it is evident that he lives and breathes horror in the same way as I. The result is hopefully an eye-opener, gives a little insight into what makes me tick, and shows mutual respect and admiration from one professional to another. Special thanks to Billy Crash for putting me at ease and posing precisely the right questions. I trust you shall enjoy his findings.

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Truly, Clearly, Really, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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