2015: Rise of the Grueheads


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I do believe it’s pedal to the metal time Grueheads. As we bid adieu to 2014 and prepare for the next stage in our evolution, I thought it might be a good idea to cast our minds back and see how far we have come as a collective over the past twelve months. You see, last year was an important one for us as it was the first full calendar year since Rivers of Grue’s conception and it has pleased me tremendously watching so many like-minded souls come together for the greater good. Well over a quarter of a million hits thus far is all the evidence I require that my five-year plan is well and truly on course and the Grueheads are set to become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. A wise man once told me the importance of setting a long-term goal and working in reverse to achieve those targets and, eighteen months into the mission statement, I can state with assurance that we’re well ahead of my projections and building up a head of steam with every day that passes. Looks like it’s happy jigs all round then.


On a personal level, signs are every bit as encouraging. I commonly refer to the bleak midwinter of 2013 as a period I would much rather put behind me and I’m thrilled to report that I’ve banished a fair number of my personal demons over the past twelve months. Moreover, I have achieved certain goals that I had previously considered unthinkable. If you’d have suggested back then that I’d be co-writing a screenplay for a movie where I played the main villain, then I’d likely have spat in your face and informed you of your utter delusion. Indeed, when I stepped off the plane at LAX California, I doubted that I could pull the role off with any kind of conviction. However I did something which I would heartily recommend to anybody setting out with dreams; I gave it every last thing that I had and then some more for good measure. By the time I returned from the seven-week shoot for The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood, I was changed indefinitely.


The effect this expedition had on me was extraordinary. Suddenly belief began to creep back into my prose and I used everything I scribed to learn something new and to push the envelope even further. The result is that I am truly proud of every single piece of literature I have posted, regardless of style or subject matter. If you are a regular visitor to the archives then you will be aware that I refuse to be pigeon-holed as a single type of writer. Not every one of my many works will appeal to the masses, but it will damn well resonate with someone and that’s good enough for me. If I can inspire another to believe in their own God-given ability, then I’m well on the right track, as this has never been just about me and I’d love nothing more than to make a difference for all that have supported the cause. If one of us finds success, then we all do, as far as I’m concerned and any prima donnas amongst us may wish to have a rethink as they’re barking up the wrong tree if they suspect otherwise.


Some of you may wonder why my content varies so wildly and the answer to that couldn’t be more elementary. Often, when I’m at my most relaxed, I opt to tickle those funny bones. However, I am mindful of the fact that many of you have a boner for being scared witless and accommodate this regularly also. I’m always looking to mix things up as the last thing any scribe desires is to become sterile in their prose. When the time comes for certain screenplays to see the light of day, horror will invariably be my chief focus but, on this particular blog, I prefer to remain jack of all trades. One thing I strive to do with regularity is to think outside of the box and couldn’t do this without the love and support of the finest group of free-spirited individuals I have ever had the good fortune of rubbing noses with. I haven’t seen a solitary red cent for what I do and passed up on a far more comfortable lifestyle to follow my dreams so can’t stress just how vital your kindness has been to making a fist of this.


My case in point is this – in one of my recent fiction pieces, Satan’s Little Helper, I interviewed the Prince of Darkness himself and that took some balls let me tell you. But let me also inform you of this, it was you lot who gifted me said balls. By reminding me that my potential is limitless, you enable me to soar, and I consequently end up scribing oddities like #Stalker from which I adopted inspiration from War of The Worlds to fashion something which, I’m reasonably assured, is the first ever piece of fiction set within the confined parameters of Twitter. 140 characters appeared an ideal challenge and the event actually played out live on my feed the day before the article was published. That’s what I’m talking about here; knocking that shit out of the park because we damn well can. Not simply following a template but instead creating one of your very own. For anyone aspiring to become a writer, that is key.

A_4eQj-m.jpg small

Realizing that self-enforced boundaries will hold you back is one thing but working out that they really don’t need to is entirely another. If you mean every word then you’re provided that much more freedom to operate and this is the true reason why, along with the gloriously courageous Scarlet Genesis, I recently bared all for two introspective articles aptly named Baring All and The Reveal. We wanted to show our commitment to a cause which has turned both our lives around a full 360 plus change and remind the world that we were all in well before the flop was ever necessitated. Anything it takes to show you all my commitment to this remarkable cause, I’ll gladly do it, as I wouldn’t be sat here now had it not been for finding this channel. Many times I considered throwing in the towel but, thanks to the motivation I get from you, that was no longer considered an option. Talk can be cheap whereas action is where the smart money lies. And 2014 certainly saw a whole shit ton of that so booyah!


New to the Rivers of Grue? Well then allow me to explain to any freshmen in our midst where to locate the true treasure within these pages. Let’s start with film appraisals shall we as it was where this voyage started after all. Currently, the appraisal archives is 300 “reviews” strong and set to sky-rocket in 2015. While it is dedicated largely to horror films from past and present, I have no inclination towards limiting my output to this genre alone and will stray whenever a movie comes along that I feel I can shed further light on or that could do with the extra leg up. Alongside that on the homepage is an A-Z Archives of Keeper Prose which is crammed top to bottom with just about anything your heart could desire. It is here where you’ll find the lion’s share of my content, with literally hundreds of examples of my art within. From short fiction, to playful essays, and even a dash of poetry, it’s all here and in almost embarrassing abundance. You’re darn tooting I’ve got too much time on my hands and, for as much as masturbation is a pleasing pastime, I’ve got to do something while waiting for my semen to recharge so why not chew some fat?


Further to the right, you will discern the Sequence Archives and this contains links to any chapter-based series published. Start at the prologue and you’ll be provided a direct link to the next; making navigation painless and allowing for reading in one extended sitting. Meanwhile, older pieces are forever evolving, audio is still being added, pictorials are enhanced daily, and general housekeeping is facilitated whenever feasible. On occasion I may decide to rewrite a work entirely and that’s just the inner perfectionist coming out. That said, while my writing style has changed considerably since earlier pieces were released, they’re all still very much from the soul and there are certain hidden gems are tucked away amongst just shy of 1000 articles which I prefer to leave untouched for that very reason.


One thing is for sure, there will never be any shortage of fresh content on this blog. Every time I post, my Twitter photo feed is automatically updated and this works as a visual catalogue to peruse at your leisure, should you have been away and not been aware of what you’ve missed in the meantime. Shucks, I suppose I’m just the pay it forward kind of guy. Would you mind terribly if I catch my breath momentarily and transfer my attention to sucking on my own dick some? Actually I’ll do nothing of the sort as I’d much rather be making an absolute mule of myself for your personal amusement. Should I gain confidence as we go, then said swagger will be lovingly placed straight into my prose and I pledge to remain as humble as ever just as my beloved taught me back on day dot. I know my mind and this can easily be confused with arrogance but I also pride myself on being open to suggestion and would never proclaim that I know everything. Far from it, I’m as wet behind the ears as the next man, and won’t cease learning until the embalming fluid washes through me. Mark my words as you’ll see that they’re truthful should you just stick around and enjoy the ride alongside me.


Underneath the heaving top-tier of the homepage are pages dedicated to four other deserving causes. The first contains dozens of affectionate tributes to the masterful TOK, each crafted by its First Knight, yours truly. Meanwhile, the other three pages are riddled with links to yet more unique content from dedicated Grueheads of whom I have only the greatest respect. There is only so much I can promote on Rivers of Grue as it is still essentially a personal blog but I’m quite aware of the amount of inspiration being generated by others and will always be happy to showcase talent from right across the spectrum and new scribes and promoted freely, time allowing of course. You see, the juggling act is immense, and it takes up the lion’s share of my time just bleeding the Crimson Quill so ask for a little perspective with regards to me not being ever present on social networks. I’m no calamari, but I will endeavor not to drop those plates if you promise not to hold me in contempt during any absence.


Anyhoots, I’m quite assured that you get the general gist of what I’m saying Grueheads and, judging by our current rate of knots, I reckon things are about to go off the chain in 2015. Slasher fans will already be salivating over the arrival of the aforementioned The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood by Matt Farnsworth, starring indisputable scream queen Diane Foster, the magnificent Matt Horwich, a whole host of MMA stars, Chromeskull himself Nick Principe, and…ahem…yours truly. I guarantee that it will make your eyes bleed and can gladly inform you that it is currently being edited and ever nearing completion so it’s about to go off like a thousand pairs of fully wound-up teeth in a mousetrap factory. As for Keeper, well let’s just say that live readings will become commonplace as soon as I can suss that shit out and numerous new sequences will be undertaken, as well as many more Grue Podcasts with my other mother brother Silent Shadow. I will continue to test the boundaries as long as my cerebellum persists and once that is kaput, just pray you guys will change my bedpan and wheel me out to the old maple tree bi-weekly to empty my colostomy bag.


Every fiber is invested and I’ll do everything in my power plus change to ensure that 2015 is the year when the Grueheads rise. As opportunities emerge, and they will, I already know the people I wish to march alongside and together we are about to give horror the kick in the asshole it has been in such dire need of for the past twenty years. Every last one of you is vital, every word of encouragement and message of love, recognized and appreciated more than words could hope to convey adequately. Thanks to you all, I believe in myself once more. If the past eighteen months have taught me anything then that is that the soul is the one true safe haven and none of life’s inevitable hardships can break you as long as that is intact. It is the most precious tool in my armory as therein lies the truest reflection. I trust you’ll enjoy the treats lined up for the foreseeable and, in true Gruehead fashion, wish to close with a few pieces of literature from fledgling scribes which have resonated recently. Please continue to scroll down after my closing poem as they each showcase beautifully what we are all about. Thank you for seeing me through 2014 not only safely, but also, triumphantly. I swear blind that now is time to reap that harvest. Shall we Grueheads?


The darkness has lifted
now light leads the way
our souls are conjoined now
ta-ta disarray


Belief is consistent
therein lies the key
to becoming exactly
who we’re meant to be


The Grueheads are rising
no longer defeated
we’re growing in stature
faith far from depleted


We ain’t going nowhere
we’re sticking around
with our heads in the clouds
while our feet touch the ground


My thanks are sincere
words just can’t describe
how all of you saved me
when I wanted to die


I learn from experience
and pass that shit on
as the Grueheads will be here
long after I’m gone


Not that I plan an exit
that wouldn’t be right
my gum shield is in
and I’m primed for the fight


Two thousand and fifteen
has a mighty nice ring
and I trust you will be here
to see what that brings



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Truly, Clearly, Really, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2015 (Revised Edition 2016)



  1. Many Thanks for the kind mention. All the best, and continued success for you and all of your endeavors in 2015!

  2. Sounds utterly fantastic to me! Hopefully someone will want to publish my shite soon so you can plug my book too! HA, I’m really losing faith in that one but who knows. Thy Demons Be Scribblin will continue no matter what! Love our Gruehead family!

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