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Back in November, whilst visiting New York state, I took an additional pilgrimage into the Crashpalace. There I hooked up with horror royalty, one of the most distinctive voices in the industry and stand-up guy, Billy Crash. I had long since been an admirer of Bill; here is a guy who embraces all that is good about horror and isn’t interested in bullshit. Many of you will already be aware of the stellar work he does to promote rising talent whilst keeping it unerringly real. It was a rousing success and he even managed to put Keeper, one more comfortable behind a quill than a mic, at ease. Until recently I had felt uncomfortable with the notion of live interview as it can be difficult believing your own hype and expecting the world to give a flying shit Frisbee about what you have to say (that one’s for you Bill). This wasn’t the case here; he put me at ease with intelligent questions which showed genuine understanding of what makes me tick as well as a thirst to dig further beneath the veneer. I gladly afforded him access and informed him that there wasn’t a poser he could pitch that I wouldn’t be at ease answering. As a result, the interview is one of my proudest achievements thus far as it allowed me to simply be Keeper.


After we wrapped up we continued to chew the fat. He made it very clear in no uncertain terms that he would be honored to have me back on The Last Knock and I instantly welcomed the notion. I was already due to return stateside in the new year and felt just as privileged as he to facilitate a second bite of this crimson cherry. However, I had felt so relaxed and appreciated that I was willing to take things to the next level. I’m not talking about conducting the interview clad in pantomime horse attire although I have no doubt that would have been a whole cavalcade of shits and giggles. Instead, I’m speaking of a live reading of my work. This is something which few Grueheads have heard and offered me the chance to deliver my prose in exactly the way it is intended, from my very lips. You see, the way that I scribe is different to many. I don’t sit scratching my head and working out my next move like a Russian chess specialist; it simply flows. Moreover, it is very much intentional that my words read exactly as they would should I be delivering my sermon directly to you in real-time. When you read my work, I want you to feel that I am speaking to you and you alone. I write as I speak, albeit a little slower obviously. I’m no vocal contortionist.


I stumped on a piece called Terrorizer which some of you may be familiar with as it released just before Christmas. Spoken in first person; it encouraged delivery very much in my own tongue. However, there are certain twists and turns throughout its ten minute duration which would allow me to show an altogether different side to my game. I’m speaking of acting chops, something which only become apparent to me when I undertook my first gig behind the camera back in May during my stint in Los Angeles for The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood. The results I’m guessing likely won’t surface until the middle of this year but, through reading Terrorizer, I would be able to offer further insight into the way I approach all of my endeavors, with every thing I have in my armory, and tool at my disposal. There are probably many accusations that could be leveled against me but not being all-in is certainly not one of them. Everything I do, and I do mean everything, comes from the soul and I have never been titillated by the concept of putting anything out there which isn’t up to snuff. I was thrilled and, in turn, humbled that he was willing to let me share this with his audience.


Once again, it hardly felt like an interview at all. The reason for this is simple; Bill actually reads my work and is genuinely intrigued by learning more about what drives the Keeper of The Crimson Quill to do what he does. The result is typically candid, no holds are barred, and nothing is censored. Like me, Billy Crash is disinterested in the clipping of wings and nothing whatsoever is considered taboo. He’s consistently real and I believe this is the reason why so many hold him in such lofty regard. I thoroughly enjoyed my time back in the Crashpalace and I’m sure you will discern such from the fact that I speak without trepidation. I urge you to explore the Palace further; Bill is one of life’s grafters and The Last Knock airs on a regular basis on the channel you are about to enter. He has also just released his first novel Bloodletting, a psychological thriller which lifts the lid on the S&M scene. I shall be appraising this very soon and have received feedback from trusted sources that it is one hell of a read, the kind nigh-on impossible to put down. For now, here is the link to our exclusive tête-à-tête. I wish to close by thanking Bill wholeheartedly for putting me at ease and enabling me to enter our discussion as Keeper, rather than Richard Charles Stevens. When you operate under a pseudonym, it can be troublesome getting in character when placed under the spotlight. This wasn’t the case for one picosecond and the result is something I’m both proud of and eternally grateful for. Enjoy Grueheads and don’t forget to wipe your shit kickers on his mat. Actually, scrap that, he won’t be fazed.

Listen to The Last Knock with Billy and Keeper

Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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  1. Keeper, thank you so very much for your generous words, and for mentioning “Bloodletting”. Your writing is always engaging, and it was an honor to have you on the show once more. Of course, you have an open invitation to visit THE LAST KNOCK any time. Please be well, and write on, my friend.

    1. Thank you Bill. It was an honor and privilege to return to The Last Knock and, once again, you were the perfect host. Now to read Bloodletting and I’m more than ready for it. Be well and much love.

  2. Rivers of Grue–I love it. I like the phrase “we continued to chew the fat”–a horror writer would conceive that. Chew the fat until it clogs the throat. Ha! Anyway, it’s wonderful to read your blog. I follow the @crashpalace on Twitter, and that too is cool.

    1. Thank you Peter. Great to make your acquaintance. Can you do me a favor & drop me a message on Twitter so that I know who you are to send links when I post. It’s likely we already know each other there. Until then, I look forward to chewing the flat with you once more.

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