Something wicked this way comes
with grinding teeth and bloody gums
It wants to see you die tonight
It wants to see you suffer


Its eyes are red its soul is black
possessing evil most beasts lack
It wants to see you try tonight
and live to see another


But not without your spirit broken
Your begs for mercy softly spoken
It wants to see you cry tonight
and steal away each tear


You’ll know it well before the end
Before its outstretched claws extend
Its truth will be your lie tonight
Its nourishment your fear


You had your chance to run away
Now you’re committed come what may
You’ll wish you’d walked on by tonight
But that don’t matter now


It circles you with harsh intent
You’d better let this vile beast vent
Emotions running high tonight
No chance to talk it down


So let it feed endure the pain
You’ll need each ounce of strength again
For it won’t let you die tonight
that must come as relief?


As you endure a thousand deaths
It will be of no consequence
For it won’t blind you from the sight
that it will now bequeath


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Prose by Keeper of the Crimson Quill


Reading by Adam Ginsberg


Original Artwork by Sean Wilson


Produced by AnnThraxx




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  1. Holy Hell, Keeper! This is fabulous! The lovely AnnThraxx produced a wonderful piece. Adam Ginsberg’s narration is so deceptive because it sounds like a rhyme for children, and that juxtaposition really sells your narrative. And Sean Wilson’s visuals only add to that contrast with Ginsberg. Your words and visuals, mixed with the narration, creates a diabolical psychological maelstrom. WELL DONE!

    1. I love the way you hit the nail on the head Bill. The first time I heard Adam’s narration I knew he got it. As you state, his tone is beautifully deceptive. Thank you my friend. And I love that together we created a diabolical psychological maelstrom!!! Could say that a thousand times.

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