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Something wicked this way comes. Familiar words Grueheads? They’ve never been more true than right now. As you will be aware, there is nothing that pleases Keeper more than to champion talent and paying it forward is my favorite pastime. Recently I happened across a short film by the name of Alone. At a running time of around two minutes, I wasn’t expecting a great deal. After all, how much can be achieved within such a slender time frame right? Directed by a film-maker we will be hearing a lot about in the next couple of years, Jeremiah Kipp and photographed quite beautifully by gifted cinematographer Andrea Urbinati, it was infinitely more accomplished than most shorts and those two diminutive minutes turned out to be hugely inspirational. For as much as it looked like fine silk, there was another factor which caused it to resonate so strongly and that was the vocal expertise of a certain Adam Ginsberg.

alone_adam_ginsberg (1)

He didn’t just lend his rich multifaceted voice to proceedings but also offered his soul. Reading a piece of poetry by the legendary Edgar Allan Poe, he made it his own to such a degree that he literally poured himself into it, holding absolutely nothing back. In the ninety seconds that he appeared on-screen, something entirely unforeseen occurred and, by the time the final line of verse fell from his lips, I was left inexplicably altered. I duly appraised the work and awarded it a perfect score which was fully justified. You see Grueheads, it doesn’t take ninety minutes for an artist to forge a connection with his addressee. Just one moment. In Ginsberg’s case it was one protracted moment, undeniably brief in context with the often relentless drive of everyday life, but more significant than I could have ever envisaged. If Poe were alive now then I’m positive that he would have delivered his verse in much the same way as he didn’t simply recite the poem, he inhabited it.


I live for such moments. Since I began my expedition as a scribe, it is soul which has proved currency. Through turbulence and turmoil, I identified the place where my prose originated from and my application of said soul has become habitual ever since. The finest art comes from some place deep; a place present in all of us, but not one easily tapped into. By placing ourselves before our audience bare we are taking a significant risk. It’s effortless hiding behind your words but quite a different story standing amongst them. I commented that such a devastating verse could not have been developed with authenticity should the narrator not have experienced hardship in his life and I uphold my claim. I said this, not by doing my homework as I never particularly cared for homework. I said it because I knew it was the truth the moment my heart started to ache. During those two minutes I learned exactly who the hell Adam Ginsberg was.


So allow me to enlighten and this part has been researched as I found myself with a thirst for knowledge the instance that I concluded my umpteenth viewing of Alone within its initial twenty four grace period, grace being the operative word. Adam resides in Long Island and was seeded in Brooklyn, New York. He committed twenty years of his professional life to a soul-destroying cause which didn’t enable him to flourish, instead leaving him asphyxiated and feeling as though his voice had become neutered. I’m winging it here once again; the reason for such being that I too leased my soul to an unworthy cause and identified it instantly when digging beneath the surface. It can be frustrating being in possession of a creative mind; none more so than when it’s your application of logic that is necessitated daily. I would assume that revaluation became vital for Adam as it did me. Once you’ve learned how to  apply light whilst identifying shade in the process, the route forward becomes far more free of clutter.

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Twenty years in the industry need not be time wasted. I know as much as my experience, however frustrating, working for local government with young people from areas of deprevation, provided me the tools to do everything I have done since. Cherry picking is key and knowledge pivotal when undertaking what Adam did next. He began his metamorphosis with The Living Dead Mafia, a stage show which ran for four lucrative seasons and, most critically, allowed him to pay affectionate homage to the Johnny Carson show by fashioning a character which he would later use for the acclaimed Even Later with Salvatore Rizzo. A brace of short films followed for TwitchTwitch Productions, namely The DeadFather and A Day in the Life of TwitchTwitch Productions, alongside numerous other theatrical turns and voice over work.


His Pod of The Dead biweekly radio talk show  launched in 2009, offering listeners exclusive insight into exactly who the hell this guy really is. It showcased all that is vibrant about the independent scene and also his versatility as eclectic host. Four years later, he began co-hosting Helping Hand Open Heart for WLOR and its reach became widespread, global even. The reason why it resonated so strongly was that it identified real people with real issues and gave them a place to heal. Incidentally, you can see the parallels forming here. The first thing I taught my little boy was that sharing is caring and now he reminds me of such every time I prepare to bite into an Oreo. Through Adam doing likewise with his audience, the show became synonymous with healing and growth. He bared, listeners cared.


Most recently his Pod of The Dead has augmented into the hugely popular Out of My Head Radio and is widely syndicated and broadcast all over the world. Suddenly, it’s becoming clear exactly who the hell Adam Ginsberg actually is. Yet, there’s still another feather in his cap which I haven’t elaborated on. The Macabre Faire Film Festival,  recently voted by fans as the creme of the industry convention crop by Horror Society, is co-founded by Adam and has won plaudits far and wide. It’s a celebration of talent and coming together of like-minded souls alike; as attested by the overwhelming response. Suddenly Adam Ginsberg is becoming somewhat familiar.


I recall a comment he made on Twitter shortly after I released my appraisal of Alone and, if that wonderful piece of art struck a handsome chord in two minutes, then in far less than one hundred and forty characters, he proved it was no fluke. He spoke of his trembling heart and just how much it has meant to him having such love and kindness gifted him on account of his artistic endeavor. It spoke volumes to me about his character. His poise and grace is quite beautiful; lack of ego refreshing, and belief now reinstated. It just took a little paying it forward and eventually what goes around comes around. I urge you to quench from the infinite font of this man’s humble wisdom. It is time for the entire free world to sit up and take notice; it took all of two minutes for Keeper and countless others who have now shared the experience. I wish to end with a quote fittingly shared by Ginsberg recently. “Stand in faith even when you’re having the hardest time of your life.” My compliments precisely.

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  1. I have to shamelessly admit that I have never heard of Adam Ginsberg, until now that is. Thanks for turning me onto him and for yet another awesome post my friend. Great job as always.

    1. You definitely did my friend, and I really appreciate it. I’m sure he’s going to big, there’s no doubt about that.

  2. A treasure to read this post. I just hired Adam Ginsberg to record the audio version of my book Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls. I
    was excited about it before, now am elated that someone else agrees there is magic in that voice.

  3. A pleasure reading this post, as I just hired Adam Ginsberg to record the audio version of my book Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls. I was excited, but now even more that I know others appreciate his talent as much as I do.

    I know it’s gonna be a great project.

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