Grue Entry: The Lost Episode


Sounds precious doesn’t it Grueheads? The Lost Episode implies hidden treasure, a rarity locked away in the vaults for many years and finally unearthed like some ancient relic. I hate to disappoint you but we can’t offer you The Holy Grail, alas, neither have we discovered The Philosopher’s Stone. The simple truth is that Season One has already drawn to a close and we pledged that we would return with greater production values, fresh bells and whistles, some for of progression. You will find none of the aforementioned in The Lost Episode; just the same two ugly mugs, more cheap industrial strength lager, and a vat load of irreverence.

Silent Shadow is in fine form and introduces us to another of his gems with the term “scared stiffless” just to show he’s not losing his touch; whereas Keeper smokes far too many cigarettes to be considered healthy. Together we skim various topics for your delectation, from our continuing debate over the Aliens franchise, to up-and-coming horror attractions for 2015, and it’s much ado about nothing really. Not selling it am I? Well, how about clicking the link below and finding out for yourself. There is one thing we can guarantee and that’s chemistry. It turns out that sharing a brain does have its benefits after all.

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Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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