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Skepta “Shutdown (Instrumental)”





See this flow, it’s locked down
Voice of reason, blocked out
Kamikazes, shot down
Ten count on the knockdown
Burnin’ up like hot chow – as they turn up at the flop house
Cadence faded, copped out
Fate post-dated, cropped out


Got my whip, it’s naught to sixty
In the time it takes to shift stick – Driftin’
In the slipstream – Asphalt grippin’
Firin’ pistons, nitrous spittin’
Diesel power, rear view mistin’
Ridin’ low, hell-bent on friskin’
Stiffs in waiting, hear me hissin’
No escaping, snake like Plisskin


Makin’ chase and gainin’ pace
Off the chain and self-acquitted
Long lost count of chicks I’ve fisted
Five brass knuckles – custom-fitted
Lessons learned, thought I’d assist them
Oyster shells sell pearls of wisdom
Carbon heavy crude omissions
Syphoned out, now I enlist them


See these eyes, they’re black as pitch
Female Myers, I’m that bitch
Chapel Black, that shit’s my crib
Chargin’ paddles for defib
Breakin’ hearts to see what ticks
Out of sight, right in the mix
Stake this hit, put five on it
Grab ya fix, shit’s got ya lifted


Got me wits, got me some smarts
Got ya grits and got me sparks
Got ya gangsta, got ya lean
Got ya throat and got ya spleen
Got ya king and got ya queen
Got me dibs on comin’ clean
Got twelve-inches strapped and keen
Alas, ain’t got no vasoline


Makin’ haste to cut through chase
Got my hand over ya face
Taste the powder in my palm
Fingers pistols, callin’ arms
Whippin’ up a frenzy charmed
Read the contract, know the mark
Hold on tight to snide remarks
Else, they will denote your last


See this trigger, cocked now
Target sighted, locked down
Barkin’ biters, chopped down
Too late now to opt out
See these colors, duck down
Lackin’ give a fucks now
No more slack, ya lucked out
Chapel Black on touchdown





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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