Crimson Honey Dripper: The Surging




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[1] Air “La Femme d’Argent”

[2] Jam & Spoon “Stella”

[3] The Jesus and Mary Chain “Just Like Honey”



There should be nothing more critical to a scribe than knowing and appreciating their audience. Your readership is everything and there is a duty to satisfying their every whim that has every right to be taken seriously. Without these fine people we are nothing, just a mass of hot air with no release valve, and there has to be a reason for them dedicating their hard-fought down time to a cause they choose to believe in. I have a tendency not to stay still for long and change things up as frequently as possible in order to vary my output, and have been donated certain tools with which to make this process easier. When I commenced my tenure as Keeper, a dear friend of mine very kindly bestowed upon me a brace of pet names. One of them, the Brutal Word Wrangler, culminated in a long-running fiction sequence, and the other, well I think it is high time I introduce you to the Crimson Honey Dripper.


First things first, this is not the first outing for this particular persona, as his primary run out was way back in early 2014. After five tantalizing episodes, he undertook an extended hiatus and, on June 26th of the same year, provided what may have appeared his swan song. However, I endeavor to accommodate my readership wherever feasible, and recently it was requested that the Crimson Honey Dripper make his long-awaited return. This will require assuming character and I can tell you in advance that this particular moniker means absolute business and will not be shrinking like a wilted violet. Indeed, the exercise we are about to engage in will require a little unfurling as it were. Like the worker bee that he is, the Crimson Honey Dripper has designs on only one thing – that being to pollinate. This is where it gets interesting Grueheads and the end result is one worth sticking around for if you agree to free up those inhibitions and just roll with it as it is unlike any other seduction.


So I guess I should explain my cunning plan right? Okay here it is in a nutshell. We’re all adults here and there seems no reason why we shouldn’t crank things up a little and raise the temperature in this motherfucker. To be totally frank, this assignment is all about relinquishing that sweet nectar, and this involves three objectives that we will be required to meet universally. Firstly, I wish us all to make those ridiculous climax faces. Secondly, every last toe will need to curl. And last, but by absolutely no means least, I’m going to request that you cum hard. Fret not any alphas reading this as I have catered for you also. Forget the Crimson Honey Dripper and follow his eyes and hands to their destination. Better yet, become him. He’s comfortable in his skin, in a few moments he will be up to his cuticles in soft skin, and all you have to do is try his pelt on for size for a few minutes. I promise it will be worth your while if you take his lead and use those glorious imaginations of yours.


As for Keeper, well I will be stepping back from this particular expedition as we all know only too well of my foibles beneath the sheets and there is no place here for self-effacing shenanigans. The Crimson Honey Dripper will not be mincing his words, neither will he be holding your hand unless he sees fit, in which case, you’d really better do as he says. That’s right, the gloves are off after two years in the wilderness, as this nectar isn’t collecting itself and we all need to release that valve from time to time. In the interest of providing a canvas on which to perform those fine and broad brush strokes, I shall fill you in on the chosen scenario. You may be alone to an extent but, for the purpose of maximizing intensity, I ask that you consider every other person reading this alongside you to be present and correct. You will not see them, but they will be here. Let those minds run amok, free up any inhibitions, activate those wicked imaginations, and we’ll all climax in unison. How does that sound? As for any unseen prowlers, feel free to whisper amongst yourselves, just to make the danger of being caught that much more tangible. For the record ladies, if you possess a dress and stockings, now might be the time to change into them.


Anyway, enough of my inane blathering, I think it is time we assume position don’t you? A little heads up in advance as he is feeling particularly dominant right now and will expect you to comply with his demands so I would urge you to tow the line. For the next few minutes you will be required to be fully submissive as the word no is not one he suffers gladly. Should you heed his instructions closely then he’ll reward you with the sweet nectar you crave, but it will be on his terms and under his direct jurisdiction. Should you be feeling bashful, then rest assured that you will be expected to act with the due decorum at all times. He may be a task master but he is also a gentleman. Granted, how much of a gentleman may be debatable for the next few minutes, but this is an exercise primarily about feeling and it is the sense of touch which will prove most critical here. That is not to suggest that all five senses won’t be called into play at some point but I’ll leave it to the Crimson Honey Dripper to take it from here. I think it is time we get things cooking don’t you?

The Surging



I want you to stand where I can see you while awaiting further instructions. If you’re feeling vulnerable under the spotlight then good as we’ll be using every last one of those nerves to get the cylinders firing in a moment. For now, use your fingertips to bring yourself gently to the boil and feel the desire start to simmer all over your body. However, do not allow those digits beneath your clothing, and keep them where I can see them at all times. I wish you to inform me how the fabric feels against your soft skin but not using words, only your eyes are permitted to speak and I expect unbroken eye contact as you relay back to me your findings. Remember this, you are a lady and I command that you act accordingly. Failure to do so will not be looked upon kindly and result in me turning and departing, leaving you with your filthy little thoughts and no means with which to liberate them. Surrender yourself and do so with those prepossessing peepers first.


Good, now I shall tell you precisely what I see – beauty. That is correct, you are beautiful. Indeed all I am seeing right now is resplendence. Hardly the most dominant behavior right? Well I may be stern but will not accept you doubting your magnificence for a solitary second. In the exact same moment that you reveal to me how powerless you are, I wish you to be feeling empowered. So are you feeling strong? How about confident? Good. Now enough of the pleasantries for the time being. I want you to hitch up your dress a little, not much, just enough to reveal those stocking tops and nothing whatsoever more. If there is shadow in your proximity, then leave it well alone, as I wish to watch the light dance from your glossy hosiery for a moment while you gently caress the material.


Now allow all five digits to trace the fabric to your inner thigh but don’t lift that dress any higher than it already is as one glimpse of that glimmering honey pot will result in instant disqualification from the game. I can smell the nectar collecting beneath those furled petals as we speak. You may locate the origin of the warmth but I don’t want you venturing too deep. Now stop what you’re doing this very second and return to your original position. How does it feel not being able to touch the source of your desire? Is it excruciating? If not then we’ll just stand here until it is. The Crimson Honey Dripper will accept absolutely no less than being made to work for his nectar and I forbid you from releasing a solitary droplet until I say so. For now, let those panties start to bunch, allow them to soak up the sweet sap, and know that there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.


Okay. Now I think it is high time that you come a little closer so I can review your performance thus far don’t you? This will need you to be on the very cusp of my personal space, up close and personal. I am pleased to inform you that you have passed the most rudimentary of tests, with flying colors no less, but don’t go letting it go to your head as we can’t have you growing complacent. You are still very much under my observation and must abide by every rule from this point forward to satisfy this particular jury. You will notice that my gaze is fixed and, at no point whatsoever, have my eyes any intention of wandering. Neither should yours start gallivanting unduly, the objective here is to reach for the very apex sexually, but do so without the necessity for visual. If you expected me to leer then you are sorely mistaken as there are a million men who would devalue this experience right now with cheap smut and the Crimson Honey Dripper never professed to being a million men. To be truly pleased, I wish to be teased.


With that in mind, bring both hands up front and center and place one on each shoulder. Now slide them below your underarms, down both sides, and beneath the bottom of your dress a second time while awaiting your next order. I believe we should raise the stakes some so, on this occasion, you will also be expected to retrieve something. Those sheer stockings may be a splendid sight but they have now become surplus to requirements. Thus I want you to begin rolling them down very slowly and deliberately. Slide them down those thighs, beneath your calves, and off the end of your painted toes but remember to hold fierce eye contact as you do. Don’t even think of stepping back as I do to not wish to be made privy to this act. Should I be able to identify the color of your toenail varnish then, once again, that’s an instant fail.


Now that your legs are fully exposed below eye line, I believe we should continue to build on this momentum. Place both hands on your shoulders once more. You must now repeat the same process as before, only this time I want you to reach back beneath your dress with all ten fingers, grip the pantie elastic on your hips both sides, and pull them down very gradually. As the sopping material releases from your moistened quim, you are permitted to relinquish a faint sigh if you so wish but I expect this to be fleeting. Now shimmy your panties down but only to your knees for the time being.


Should you have done this correctly, then your honey pot will not be exposed as your dress should still conceal those unfurling petals. If this is the case, then I would say you have earned yourself the most ephemeral of touches. Run your middle finger through your soft center in one swift and measured motion, from hood to trunk, then return said digit directly topside, part your lips ever so slightly, and taste your own honey for me. Suckle that nectar long and hard and feel free to let your imagination run rampant as you do. Once again, I am suitably impressed and, once again, the bar is about to raise further. Should you need to exhale a breath then I would suggest this be the time as you will need full composition for your next commandment.


Step out of those panties one leg at a time, and hitch up your dress once more, only this time right up to your navel. Remember to remain inches from my face as you should never once surrender eye contact and I can detect the nectar by scent alone and my flared nostrils will provide the reconnaissance I need. The middle finger you used to touch yourself with is the only one sanctioned to collect your next reward and that will entail sliding it back between your legs, massaging your honey pot, allowing the blood to rush straight to your fingertip, and finding a velocity and motion that you alone are comfortable with. Continue to do so until which time as that syrupy ambrosia begins to thicken. There is no time limit to this stage of your summons, I will know when climax is nearing as you will be relaying this back to me through your eyes remember. Should release feel inevitable then take control and refuse it point-blank as reaching the point of no return will leave me disgusted and, again, result in instant failure.


If you are expecting me to talk dirty to you right now then I must inform you that I shall be doing no such thing. You see, while you may well be the submissive party present, the shots I am calling are not designed to downplay your power and, instead, heighten it. So here is what I am going to do as you dangle tantalizingly before climax and let me assure you that you won’t be required to wait much longer. I do have something to say and it will be your task to relinquish that sweet honey directly afterwards. Are you ready? You are strong. You are independent. You are so beautiful, both inside and out. There is nothing in life that you cannot achieve if you believe in yourself as I believe in you. Now celebrate this by cumming hard and, let me just remind you, that we are not moving until you embrace your innermost vitality and feel like someone because that is precisely who you are.


Are you wishing to release now? Then do so, let every last drop of spice flow, excite, ignite, blush, and then gush for the Crimson Honey Dripper. You may scream if you choose but it must be in near silence. Allow every aching muscle to vocalize your overspilling pleasure with the exception of your mouth. Bellow with your eyes, deafen yourself with your own desire, while keeping it very much hushed. My only stipulation remains that my eyes are none the wiser as to the coarse nectar currently spewing from your honey pot. Stretch this out for as long as you wish as I am not going anywhere and it is you have full control now, for the time being at least. Acknowledge that you have made it to the final straight now and own that. A weak woman would have never have made it this far and you have already proved yourself anything but. However, don’t go patting yourself on the back quite yet.


You see, I still have one more requisition before we’re through. If you have been paying attention to my every command then your dress should still be hoisted above your hips by this point. Grip both sides and run your hands around to your rump, ensuring that the material resides above the dimple of your ass. Okay now here is how this is going to play out from hereon in but not before one last reality check. You are now aware of your strength right? Confidence returned in leaps and bounds? Courage at its uppermost I take it? Good, now on the count of three and not a solitary second before, you will be challenged to take one final leap of faith. This will require tremendous trust on your part and, indeed, it is the very reason for this conclusion.


When you hear the third count, I want you to turn your back on me, walk very slowly away for around ten feet, keeping your back turned the entire time, and then stop in your tracks. Never once should you allow your dress to drop below your waist and you will remain in that same position for a further five seconds. Once that count is up, lift that dress above your head and toss it to the floor beside you. Should you be wearing a bra then leave it be but that dress simply has to go. Then I wish you to begin another five second count and, all that will be left then, is to face your audience a final time, with your arms by your side. You may be alarmed as you do as the Crimson Honey Dripper will no longer be present and you will be alone once more. What happens next is under your sole control as you are strong, you are independent, and you are beautiful. Got it? Any last breaths may wish to be exhaled now as here comes that leap of faith ladies.






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Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,


Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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