We Are Enough


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Susumu Yokota “Tobiume”




Am I too much or perhaps not enough
Is my voice too effeminate or maybe too gruff
Do I cry on demand laugh in all the wrong places
Can I really stand out from this vast sea of faces


Do I come across needy or worse still unfeeling
Do my feet touch the ground as my hands glance the ceiling
Should I slow my mouth down crank it up to the max
Kill the whole world with kindness or commence my attacks


Can I see all too much with my limited sight
Should I wave the white flag or continue to fight
Do I make a good friend or a far better foe
Is it time I stop telling and begin now to show


Is that my glass half empty or is it half full
If I rev up my engine am I destined to stall
Have I lived a good life or just wasted my chance
Do I stare too intently or choose not to glance


If I leap will it kill me if I don’t will I live
Can I take such a chance is there much left to give
Do I slide from the summit or reach for the spire
Can I sink any lower could I be any higher


Do things have to get worse before they can get better
Do I look like a chump in my new reindeer sweater
Will I ever get reggae or understand jazz
Do I look like a Henry or more like a Chas


If I quit while ahead will I ever catch up
If I sum up my parts will they really match up
Should I like this or share do I fave or retweet
When I play my next trick am I in for a treat


If you know all the answers then bully for you
I won’t call you false if I know you are true
I won’t think you weak if you prove yourself tough
As we’re all just the same and to me that’s enough


15.2.2013 Sometimes Love and Air is not Enough - Watercolor on paper 21x30cm

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