Crimson Honey Dripper: The Assignment




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Ever been a secret agent? With the world hanging precariously in the balance, have you ever pulled out all the stops to topple whichever criminal mastermind has designs on global domination? I’m not speaking of the kind of irritant that doesn’t clear up after his pooch when taking it for a stroll, the villain in question possesses his very own underground silo and sufficient nuclear arms to buy himself a regular slot on daily CNN broadcasts. As with any risky business, such journeys are fraught with peril, and your safe passage is, in no way, assured. However, should you prove yourself a capable spy, then the opposite sex will literally hurl themselves at your feet and you’ll build up quite the resistance to Martini. If the answer to this poser is no, then I think it’s high time that we break those ducks don’t you? If it sounds like I’m hatching a cunning plan then you’ve already passed the primary phase of your training and are more than fixed to take a peek at your designated gadgets. Alas, the agency cannot offer bulletproof Aston Martins or hi-tech jet packs, as there just isn’t sufficient funds in the budget for such frivolities. Thus you’ll just have to do with this earpiece. Pop it straight in and prepare to rock your own world as I want you to come away from today’s exercise feeling like a national treasure. Sound like a pleasure?


Okay so it would appear that you’re invested at this point and your loyalty has not gone unnoticed. Here’s how this is going to play out and it will require great dedication if you’re not to fall by the wayside. That said, you won’t be placed under direct observation and neither will you necessarily discern your teammate. That’s right, this isn’t a solo mission, although you’ll be very much on your lonesome and relying on the orders being dished out through the earpiece and your ability to carry them out with the minimum of fuss. At no point will back chat be considered acceptable practice and you will need to remain mindful that you are second in command and not permitted to speak out of turn. Flat refusal to complete any one of the following objectives will result in instant mission failure and expulsion from the task force with immediate effect. One more thing – how are your resources on that sweet honey nectar? No agent should ever enter the fray without the necessary ammunition and you’ll be needing every golden bullet in your chamber if you’re to make it through this highly dangerous escapade in one piece.


In a few moments I shall adjourn from this conference and pass you over to the capable, and sometimes wandering, hands of your new associate. Should you already be familiar with the Crimson Honey Dripper from boot camp then you’ll not need reminding that he has little to no time for horseplay and even less for mutiny within the ranks. He didn’t get where he is now by cutting slack or handing out free passes. While you will be left to your own devices for any critical stages, he will insist that you adhere to the strict parameters laid out and not take at all kindly to having his authority brought into question. Do precisely what he says, when he says it, and you may just earn yourself a commendation. Flunk any part of your examination and it’s back to mundane existence you go. You see, what he offers is excitement, euphoria, a sense of danger, and another of grand achievement. The only goal of this assignment is for you to come out of it a hero. That is your reimbursement for sticking instead of splitting and I promise you it’ll be worth every last dash of your while. So I will ask you one more time. Ever been a secret agent? Shrewd answer.

The Assignment



At ease. Listen very carefully as I will say this only once. I’d imagine you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself right now for making it this far. Well you can wipe that smug grin off your face straight off the bat as none of your past attainments will mean squat from this point forward. I don’t care if you graduated from the academy with honors; the slate is wiped clean now and I’ll expect you to prove yourself all over again. You see, I happen to have many years of field experience under my belt and will not accept any loose cannons in the ranks. I would strongly advise listening intently to your instructions, working out a game plan, and following it to the very letter. I shall not be present to hold your hand but, by now, you should be well past such needy requests. What I will be is support should you need it as my motivation really couldn’t be more simple. Complete this assignment and your nectar will never have tasted sweeter. You should never have cum harder and, if you have, then find yourself another agency to sign up with. Weakness is a cancer and will not be tolerated by this particular taskmaster. Strength, on the other hand, just makes the Crimson Honey Dripper wish to pollinate.


Your mission will be divided into three individual objectives, the first of which will test your courage, the second endurance, while the third is on a strictly need to know basis. Right now you don’t need to know. First you must prove your mettle in the field and I plan to drop you right in the thick of it. If you suspected I would be easing you in then you’ve obviously not been doing your homework as the Crimson Honey Dripper is more from the “sink or swim” school of thinking. You will be armed with a solitary weapon and this will be with you at all times so I don’t want to hear any whining about insufficient firepower or lack of clear shots. I’m speaking of that honey pot, and I can already smell it glistening, so we won’t be letting one drop of this sublime nectar go to waste. Now fall in at once and in an orderly manner as I will think nothing of making you drop to your knees and give me twenty in view of the entire platoon. Ready for those orders?

Objective #1



First up is location and you will need to be way beyond enemy lines for this one. Those workplaces will do nicely and, should you not be punching in these days, then use those imaginations and improvise but make it good. Anything less than Def Con 5 and we may as well wave those white flags now. I’m talking maximum security, imminent danger, and eyes all around you. I’m not in the habit of repeating myself so, for the purpose of this exercise, shall presume this to be a communal office space. None of the other workforce can be trusted for a second as any one of them could be a mole and compromise the mission in a heartbeat. Take a look around you but make it inconspicuous, fathom out all entry and exit points, then take that deep breath, as we’re about to go on a little journey. You can count yourself lucky as the primary goal really couldn’t be any simpler and involves precious little commitment on your part. Vacate the firing line, locate the restroom, then head for the farthest cubicle while awaiting further instruction. It’s like robbing candy from an infant right? Wrong and why is that game face dropping?


Those cotton white panties – get them off at once. Filthy little things have no place being on right now and I expect them to be discarded immediately. For the remains of the day, they are surplus to requirements, and have no right whatsoever hugging your honey pot. Instead, I want you to feel the breeze between your legs, walk calmly back to your work station, take a seat, and know something that nobody else in your office does. I will expect a fair degree of smugness, a feeling of sneaky empowerment, and full quota of playfulness from this point forward if you are to complete your primary objective. Look around at the same old faces you see everyday and don’t let on in the slightest that you are feeling kittenish. To them it’s just another day of mundane grind whereas, to you, this is an opportunity to crank up the sexual heat unbeknownst to your colleagues.


Now hoist your skirt up beneath your desk but remember to remain incognito as you do so. At no point should this intelligence become widespread, this is your dirty little secret, and I command you to own it. I will have no floor plan of your workplace or its security protocol so will be leaving any risk assessment to you. Remember, should your cover be blown, then you’ve not been playing the game correctly, and the agency denies all knowledge of your existence. This is down to you and you alone, whatever plays out next is under your sole jurisdiction, and you have my full endorsement to run those painted nails along the rim of your honey pot. Indeed, should you wish to bring yourself to climax, then the ball is in your court. Should you do so, then there is but a solitary condition to adhere to. Stealth is key here as thrashing wildly at your desk will attract unwanted attention, compromise the entire mission, and ultimately your rank as a secret agent. Elect to cum and you must do so in silence, any screams will need to be released internally, and not a soul can be any the wiser. If it gets you off even more, consider that you’re being paid to defile yourself and, therefore, should be feeling pretty boss right now.


Work the rest of your shift as though nothing whatsoever happened and vacate the premises as the final bell tolls in the same orderly manner as you always do, only minus those restrictive panties. However, don’t go cracking open the Moët just yet, as we still have the commute to negotiate and this is where your mission becomes more hazardous. Choose your route home wisely as you will be required to complete one more bonus objective if you wish to truly have tasted triumph. Find yourself a spot, where exactly is entirely down to you, but make it somewhere suitably public. Whether densely populated matters not, choose a country park if you so wish, but ensure that danger is no stranger as you carry out this demand. Beneath that skirt you should be beginning to moisten once more. Yank its fabric up to your hips, stand loud and proud, then allow daylight to nourish that flower for a fair few moments. Good, now return for debrief immediately.


You have proven yourself a bankable ally and this small success will not have gone unnoticed by the powers that be. However, the initiative is now yours to seize, and respite will be fleeting as we gear up for your second objective. For now, take a well-earned breather and use this time however you see fit. To aid in accelerating your investment, I shall offer a dash of light refreshment, something to tantalize, and feel that it is no less than you deserve. I’m sliding my hand down into my own barracks as we speak, checking The Dripper’s status. So far so good, the nectar is starting to gather around the tip of my honey baster and both stockpiles have begun to pulsate. I can feel them pounding between my thumb and forefinger, and the safety is now off my firearm. Fuck metaphor for the next new seconds, my stiff cock is positively rasping its intent and primed to charge that sopping pussy, relinquishing every last droplet of sticky sap as it does. But your actions shall have to warrant such a privilege. Resume position, our intermission has finished and it is now time for an altogether different kind of summons.

Objective #2



This next undertaking will necessitate another tool from your set entirely and that is endurance. Forget location and select your own as it is irrelevant in the greater scheme. That said, the back garden basks particularly well in the solar rays, and would provide the ideal floral battlefield if you so desire. Dress code too is inconsequential although, once more, I shall make a friendly suggestion here. Strip off entirely if the moment grabs you, grab a recliner, and spread your legs wide open like the blossoming flower that you are. There is not a single moment to waste here, no time for strategy, just hell for leather pleasuring at an accelerated rhythm. Touch yourself in no uncertain terms, grab that moist clit by its hood and tug it hard, insert as many fingers as are required to deliver yourself to the brink of ecstasy and don’t waste the other hand either. May I suggest sliding a digit or two around to the rear, infiltrating that grubby little asshole, and synchronizing your bliss. Keep this up until which point as you feel fit to explode. Then just as you cannot bear another moment of this divine agony, you must do precisely that.


Use every last clench that your pussy can muster to halt your release and continue to simmer indefinitely instead. Should you cum, then all of your previous exertions will have been in vain, and you can wave goodbye to any hopes of that promotion. Just as the intensity starts to subside, crank it back up a second time, deliver yourself to the very brink, and teeter once again. I want you to become positively volcanic, whilst remaining dormant the whole time. Feel your coarse lava bubble and boil, but there will be no eruption until I reveal something I like to refer to as The Big Dripper. Before a rollercoaster makes its invigorating descent, it is customary for it to poise itself precariously for a few tantalizing moments. Then, just as the agony becomes too much, it plummets and any passengers reach for the skies all the more passionately as a result. You too are permitted to plummet third time around, do so until the searing sun is placed in the shade, and cum as hard as you possibly can for me. Harder! Arch that spine, throw your head back wildly, I want those temple veins to feel as though they’re about to pop.


Excellent work. Your commitment to the cause is most admirable and has pocketed you another breather. It is time for me to loosen these tight jockeys, slide them down just enough to reveal the very root of The Dripper. I have shaved close for the occasion, but below the band of my shorts is something wilder and far more predatory. It desires only to be free but I shall decline its pleas as there is still work afoot should you wish to truly earn those stripes. You may recall that details of your third and final objective have been sketchy until now, well it’s high time that changes, as one last push is required before this particular case is closed. If you know The Dripper well then you will be should be wearing your flimsy nightdress and nothing whatsoever else for this part of your challenge. You will be needing to take a long shower directly afterwards as this one is about to get decidedly messy.

Objective #3



Do you have a pot of honey on hand? Ignore the sweet nectar collecting between your thighs for a moment as I’m not speaking of that. Retrieve this item at once, then huddle in close and break the seal as I wish to smell its sweet nectar in both nostrils. Dip your index finger into the jar and scoop yourself some gloopy honey. Bring it to your lips, lick them if you so wish, and you are fully endorsed in allowing it to dribble down your chin. Now lose the nightdress but remember that my only indication of you doing so should be the sound of the linen as it drops to your painted toes. Step out of it and kick it briskly and decisively away from your comfort zone. This time I want you to use all five of your fingers to delve back into the honey pot, before spreading it across your chest. Cover those nipples until which time as they become rigid, then allow it to drizzle down your sternum until it bunches around your navel. When it does, slather yourself some more, coax the nectar southward and let it gather at your blushing, wet pussy. However, this time will not entail you going it alone.


Regarding those jockeys that I spoke about earlier – tug them down harshly, grip my stiff prick and acclimatize to its pulse in the palm of your hand. You are in control here, what you choose to do with it depends on the sleazy little mind you have at your disposal. Be mindful that it will quench its thirst as it sees fit and that sweet nectar trail will lead it directly to the source of your desire and its infiltration point. It seems that you have lost rather a lot of honey so we shall need to replenish your supply post-haste. Do you wish for me to fill you up now? Then grip The Dripper tight between your thighs and you’ll feel the ambrosia commence its surge. Tease it out, rejoice in the implosion, feel your organs drench as it spurts a thick, creamy jet into your innermost hub. Contract your muscles around it and squeeze out every last drop of my own crude sap until which time as the fertilization process is complete. I wish to feel every last ache and quiver as the desire reaches fever pitch before effortlessly surpassing it. Fret not as this is no smash and grab affair and I will not be pulling out until satisfied that you’ve fully met your objective. Until then I shall remain inside you.


I believe that congratulations are in order as you achieved this all by yourself and did so because you’re nobody’s lap dog. All boxes have been ticked – courage, endurance, and empowerment to reach for that apex and claim your sweet reward of your own accord. Should you wish to take a step back, then the Crimson Honey Dripper will not only permit this but downright encourage it. Look at the mess you’ve made, seldom have I witnessed such sticky delectation and you happen to wear that nectar quite beautifully. Moreover, this exercise has been all about graduation, and you’ve done so with no less than honors. Thus this assignment is now over.



Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,


Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill


Copyright: Crimson Quill: Gruehead Films 2017


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  1. Ok. Wow. I think I need a shower & then some rest. That was extremely well written erotica, Rich. Very gripping work of fiction. I didn’t know you wrote that particular type of material. Good job.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I don’t write much erotica anymore and this one was from the turn of the year. Good to post it at last and I’m thrilled that it hit the spot. I hope it feels empowering, the whole sergeant major approach could be misconstrued as being at odds with that but I love thinking that it can place a spring in some strides.

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