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Greetings one and all. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Charles Stevens but some of you may know me as the Keeper of the Crimson Quill. Sounds sinister right? Well actually, I’m as regular a guy as they come. That said, what I do have are a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Too Neeson? Okay listen, what I’m getting at here is that I’m a wordsmith, a fellow whose vocation is writing and whose diodes are wired towards artistic expression. I’ve skim read the Oxford dictionary from cover to cover and, while the two million or so words included are quaint, it just seems cruel to keep them cooped up in captivity. Thus I let these pretties fly free onto the page and use every one of my mad scientist skills to concoct something more flavorsome than the norm. Indeed, it’s not unheard of for the words “IT’S ALIVE!” to chime out of my underground laboratory in the dead of night and any facial twitches are 100% authentic. I’m authentic. You could say I’m something of a designer original and I’d clap my hands like a frisky walrus if you did.

Anyroad, I’m not here this day to toot my bugle or varnish my trumpet. No there are bigger fish to fry than the sushi in my salad bowl and I feel privileged to play Swedish Chef. This is not to say I’ll be dashing through the IKEA hedge maze chanting “Flappen Jacken Hooten!” with a meat cleaver above my head. I was thinking more of serving up some nice and spicy meatballs and opening this grand buffet up to the public. You see, while I’ve been actively blogging for over four years now, the time has come to place some of my eggs in a fresh basket. This isn’t the end of an era, will always be my home and therefore where my heart is. The thing is, I’ve got rather a lot of heart and have no intention of clipping its wings when something truly grabs at its strings. Think of me as the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars, beaming here to spread some cheer and help deliver a massively exciting business model to the very next level. You know – to infinity… AND BEYOND!

Speaking of Buzz Lightyear, I’m a little like the space ranger when you think about it. You see, while out on my intergalactic travels, I spotted a distant toy box and couldn’t resist tapping my thrusters. Ordinarily my phasers are set to stun by default the very moment I encounter an anomaly. However, a little voice inside told me to come in peace this day. With no hostile threat detected, I did precisely that, docked my dropship in a nearby crater and headed over to scan these coordinates further. Said toy box had but two words – platformplug – etched into its timber masquerading as one and my interest immediately piqued. Could this be a discarded consignment of seventies-themed sanitary towels I’d stumbled upon? Whatever this catchy calling card meant, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity for a good old-fashioned look-see. Curiouser and curiouser said Alice, so I text her back LMAO with a cute little bunny emoticon and got back to unwrapping the goodies.

Now I’m not gonna lie to you – I half expected Mr. Potato Head to pop up, desperate to escape the nagging missus for five precious minutes, or to catch Woody and Bo-Peep playing a round of “Does Anyone Mind Watching The Flock For Six Minutes?” Thankfully, any remaining childhood innocence was thrashed out of me way back at Starfleet Academy and precious little shocks me anymore. But that’s still no reason not to proceed with extreme caution right? Negative, there was no part of me that felt like my body was about to be snatched and podded by unruly extraterrestrials; no trap door beneath my boots leading directly to a pit of cranky crocs. Just a kindly crate omitting a scent that smelled strangely similar to team spirit. After checking the perimeter for any Lotso-Buggin’ Bears or Randy Andys, I simply couldn’t not take one teensy-weensy little peek beneath the lid right?

Et voila! This is the exceptional collective that greeted me and mercifully not with the words “GET HIM LADS!” Instead, the vibe I felt instantaneously was more along the lines of “We’ve got a rocket ship and fuel. Hop on soon, let’s fly to the moon”. If a picture can paint a thousand words, then the above snapshot sources 1001, because why the hell not after all? As for the customary stumbling blocks such as boundaries, burdens and embargos – well those words are fish heads in a barrel to me and I can see half a dozen others who evidently share that view. The photo screams one thing to me and that is synergy. While all six are individual, there’s like some kind of unseen electricity that fuses them all together. Reading a little too much into it perhaps? Nah, I know passion from the very moment my spider senses start tingling, and right now they’re positively ablaze with possibilities.

So a little about then and what this collective propose to bring to the table. Based in London, UK, they are smack bang in the hub of one of the most vibrant entertainment capitals on the planet. The events industry is massive here and only ever-expanding; thus the service they provide is perfectly tailored for the big things that they project. We all have a tendency to harp on about our problems and deal primarily in solutions. Should you need to book a DJ, entertainer, face painter, comedian, hell… mime artist for an upcoming function, then the burden need not rest on your shoulders. On the flip-side, if you fit into one of the aforementioned job descriptions (or a plethora of others aside), then they’re looking to assist in getting your name out there and making things happen. Everybody wins then right? Yeah I’d say that’s pretty much victory back pats all around. Synergy see.

But it’s more than just joining the dots, considerably more I might add. You see, their aim is to branch out into a number of different directions. The foundations are in place, business model sound, so there seems no reason to pigeon-hole something with the wings to fly freely. For example, I’m a blogger by trade, and using the resources an eclectic collective like this can provide, we’ll soon be looking to switch that “B” out for a “V” and take things televisual. There’s so much talent in this small group but it’s not specialized in just one area. Whether strategizing, innovating, developing or getting hands on and doing – every last base is covered. Toss a passion pimping creative like myself into the mix and the results are bound to be incendiary. What I’m saying in earnest is that you may well wish to be watching this space as I don’t pop my head into frame just to make up the numbers.

So what next then? Well I’d say it would be positively uncouth not to decorate their blog with some fresh and relevant content, wouldn’t you? Over the coming weeks, I plan to do just that, play my part in moving this mighty Trojan forward to the place it should and damn well shall end up. I have a feeling way down in the pit of my gut this day and, before you go pointing me to the nearest restroom, I don’t even eat onion bhajis. No, this is the kind of feeling “Hannibal” Smith gets just prior to a plan coming together. I detect heart, drive and a passion to thrive and that’s a platform I’m only too happy to plug into. Like I’ve been saying for some time now, when creators unite, things can start to ignite. So whaddya say? Can I get a tick, tick… BOOM? Keep it locked one and all as platformplug is now well and truly loaded.


Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill

Copyright: Platform Plug/CreatorsUnite 2017

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