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Chapel Black comin’ live and exact
Know where we have been to and precisely where it’s at
Never headed back as we have found a one-way track
All in at the river where we doubled up our stack


Faced a few home truths and chased away a pack of lies
Embraced conclusive proof, did so with hands no longer tied
Aced the test, replaced the text and severed disconnecting ties
Chapel Black erected, redirecting out of sight


Paying through the nose, reposed with eyes upon the prize
Left-hand path we chose, opposed to blind leading the blind
Exposed all of our foes, composed to leaving them behind
Chose the merge and juxtaposed, arose and side by side


Playing now for keeps as we surrendered stubborn pride
Fading back to grey as day then traded blows with night
Delved into the shadows, conversant with guiding lights
Swooping low to scale exotic heights


Flummoxed never less, attesting stomach for a fight
Bitter pills digested, two-for-one destructive appetite
Nagging doubts contested, strung them out in plainest sight
Development arrested as we bucked the trend, went on to apprehend it bang to rights


Chapel Black comin’ live and exact
Attempt to set us back and we will come back strapped
Two-for-one’s the deal and our shit is compact
Steppin’ to the suckers like a high wire act
Stupid motherfuckers cannot hold this back
Better duck for cover as this shit is payback


Never picked a fight that we were not prepared to finish
Look into our eyes and watch your options then diminish
Stand us side-by-side and you will see we’re spitting image
Not to be denied ’til we have taken care of business


Wipe away that grimace if you get what we are doing
The whole fucking planet is in rack, en route to ruin
Targets on our heads and the majority ain’t moving
Vital signs are weak and showing no sign of improving


Doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going down
So much human weakness, way too much to go around
Judge and jury out to lunch, executioner inbound
Rusted axes poleaxing the head count


Hung high and from the necks until very much dead
And for what if not a basket filled with stale daily bread
Angels be most wary of the places that you tread
No mercy at the altar ’til your spilling guts are overspread


Chapel Black comin’ live and exact
With fifth of Jack and a Prozac smack
In through your backbone and out through your urinary tract
Stringing out your innards just to cut some slack


Cimmerian Shade in our peepers we parade
I am greykeeper, reaver of the skin trade
Wanna know the secret, well let’s just say we have our ways
And some entail us bathing in arterial spray
Others are more scathing, have you ever been a plaything
Too late for face-saving with no features to convey
Give us half an hour and we’ll knock up a bouquet
Keep your fucking Ray-Bans, not about to OBEY
Too hard-pressed are we with hunting all this prey
Chapel Black exact in each incision as we slay


Chapel Black comin’ live and exact
Don’t go looking down as you can find us where it’s at
Never headed back since we locked down a one-way track
All in at the river where we double up our stack
Be cruel not to be kind, hit rewind and play this back




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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