The Girl In My Dream




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I’ll never forget the very first time I saw her
a beauty like hers is not one you tend to forget you see
those big wide eyes of hers captured me in an instant
I the grateful prisoner
shackled with willing
I pled guilty to first degree love long before she slipped on the manacles


She visits me each time I slumber
tracing her fingertips across my swollen heart as she passes
the most delicate of thunders bellows inside me
each time she catches the light
with a luminescence that burns my eyes right out of their hollows
kissing the tears of deep red as they stream


Dead night has its terrors
I know each of mine intimately
these harbingers of sorrow cling to each of my fears
tease them out without a vague hint of romance
my frozen screams try desperately to thaw
but these cold hands continue to stifle


And then there is she
the girl in my dream
like mercury she pools around my soul’s rusty cage
seeping into the vital force that fuels my very desire
and the innermost passion serving its life sentence
is granted the sweetest of parole


Every time that I slumber she comes
I bring her freshly picked lilies from the garden of Atlantis
stroke the hair from her face
would give all that I am for a single embrace
clinging to nocturne like a young boy does his father’s hand
I never wish to wake from this dream




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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    1. Really glad you liked this one. I read this with the audio at least three times a day and every last time I choke right up. Would love to do a live reading of this one as there is nothing more sincere than a vulnerable tone and parts of it are read almost at a whisper.

    1. So glad. This is probably the most personal piece of poetry I have ever shared. One of the first I wrote for my love and we decided it simply had to breathe. Every time I read it, it gets me, as you can likely tell from my reading. Thank you so much for exploring the Vestibule. It excites us massively to see people taking an interest in our Art.


      1. Yes. I could tell. Such passion can only come from a very special, powerful soul. Thank you for sharing. It got me as well. 😉

      2. That is a truly beautiful thing to say. Thank you. Love is something to be celebrated and we love that others can take something from this also. At heart, it’s a very old-fashioned love poem.

  1. It’s amazing. I’ve never come across anybody who felt this way about another soul. I think I had romanticized and dreamed so much of this kind of love that I had almost concluded it only existed in fairy tales. Now I know that it exists, but it is only expressed and felt by special, beautiful, brave souls like yourself. And your rabbit too?

    1. Yes, my Rabbit is an extraordinary soul and I have never met anyone quite like her. I have always written with great honesty but have always kept certain aspects of my life guarded, particularly personal life. But that ended the very second I saw her – The Girl in My Dream. And it proved to me that true love does exist. So thrilled that it resonated and we truly hope that fairy tale love comes along.

      1. Thank you however it does not come for all. Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you every happiness

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