Burning Bright

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out of the darkness
and into the light
the brightest of days from the blackest of nights
out of the lair
second home to despair
and into plain sight
unafraid of the blight

okay so what of those shunned
those already undone
by deep shadows creeping
to bleed out the sun
how come we’re forbidden from basking
at the umpteenth and first time of asking
do our pleas go unnoticed
screams fall on deaf ears
seems our diagnosis
is way too severe
after rigorous testing
we’re considered defective
irrespective of just how many demons we’ve bested
and get this
we may well have gone our whole lives undetected
but when push and shove team up we’re rejected
it’s suggested we’re a little too far gone for repair
no longer effective
thus neglected through prayer
like the dirtiest secrets
they hide us away
and pray that the shadows will then guide us astray
out of range
out of sight
out of mind
out of fight
out of time
chorus line
out of sync
past the brink
of decline
we’re inclined
just to seep through the cracks
get the hell out and don’t you come back
your kind evidently have no place in the light
they spit in our faces like it’s their divine right
to call all the shots
from their school of hard knocks
but the thing they can’t block
is our own writ of right
call it freedom of speech
we know damn well our rights
and the thing they can’t teach
is how to lay down and die
hands tied
as we’re playing for pride now
have already been tried
already hung out to dry
by the powers that be
and their hateful decree
nothing left to lose
at least not worth the taking
and if they think they got us screwed
then they are most mistaken
 may try to denounce
mispronounce misinterpret
but we’ve learned to rewire our shit
remaster our circuits
no longer man-made
well placed and protected
as the eyes tell no lies
and these beacons of ours
 cut through nightfall undetected
and it’s our divine right to feel entitled to respect this

out of the darkness
back into the light
the brightest of days from the blackest of nights
out of our lairs
nowise home to despair
and into plain sight
where we burn the most bright
where we will not be denied

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Oh yes!! Children are the gift of happiness and innocence, I notice they make you see life as it should be! With eyes open, without fear, without prejudice just love! I’m so happy you are happy lol, did that make sense? Loved it Keeper! It was beautiful and made me HAPPY.

  2. The intense feeling of inner warmth and exuding a radiant glow, that’s what I like to hear about and see. After all Angels prefer to live in the light. Light brings about balance.
    I love this 🙂

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