Hades Has Arisen




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Persephone’s Song


Gabrielle Roth “Persephone’s Song”




Song of Hades


Mantovani “Onedin Line”





As Persephone kneeled by the river bank to

pick the fresh lilies


her reflection

startled her


is this what i have become


is this my calling
and if so


then why do i feel like i’m falling


her cause for stalling on this day was simple
was good reason why her eyes declined twinkle


as the garden she had known
may have been

fully grown


but the fire in her soul failed to kindle

suddenly Spring turned to Fall


crisp leaves began to wither
and tumble


and the deadliest nightshade caused this maiden to stumble


no caress in these petals

just a bed of sharp nettles


stinging chants to her ears

as they danced with her fears


there were



as the truth of her plight became clear


every one of these truths



close those beautiful eyes
and rest dear


when you come to
we shall be back in bloom


as each lie unfurled
these rosebuds became ashen


and as their lips curled
she discerned there were teeth regimentally fashioned


each was a



lining up to defile her and

stab her


and with this
Persephone staggered


though her head became light
both her fists were clenched tight

as this floral goddess
was no

mute acolyte


dictation ungranted
veneration commanded


by the sceptre she wielded
sheaf of grain she had yielded


the crops had now perished
leaving nothing to cherish


and Persephones skin
was no longer unblemished


come and take them

was her cry


as she





the descent was a brisk one

each twist spinning her further from the garden


to a kingdom where not a single living thing could grow
or a solitary seed could be sewn


but just as she braced for the shatter


a bed of pale white lilies broke her fall


it was


who answered her call


through birthright he marshaled this realm
but his presence did not overwhelm


as Persephone bled
each abrasion he kissed


she took comfort from the dust and the scratch of his lips


then it dawned

this was no mere abduction


he had come to his Queen on her own sweet instruction


thus the little-big heart beating wildly within


drank him in and then ceased its reduction


but how could she


to love him


one eclipsed by such darkness

such a tryst could result
in rending her heartless


then just as it seemed she was set for the dither
Persephone smiled and replied


my darling, every flower on your tainted earth withers


and as I take my seat on the throne

theres a crown made for the immortal flowers in my bones

so you see

vile serpents


there’s no gain to be gleaned from your bane


you’d really do well to abstain


she was done with their plague
with these smiling assassins


and so was her King
as their twin blades were matching


ivy veins were entwining


fire and the ice in their souls

no longer



Lovers gladly undone
who had bled into one


and o how the angels wept
their tears of deep red pitter pattered



not that this mattered


they needed not the blessing of gods this day


just a casket within which to play


lined in finest grey velvet


sanctuary to decay


a tomb to arise from


fierce flaming phoenix


gliding higher than the heavens


as it swooped

down to hell


bird of prey to adore


to carry through flight evermore


and with that


Persephone soared






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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