My Red Blooded Valentine



My precious Big-little hearted Grey-Rabbit Queen


Okay so this is something of a new experience for me. I have written love letters before but never once have I done so in quite this manner. Anyone who chooses to read this, I hope you’re okay with public displays of affection and, if not, then don’t let the door hit you on the cold black heart on your way back out. But, for the Lovers amongst us, you’ve come to precisely the right place, as I have never opened my heart like this before in all my years and feel utterly liberated in mere preparation. Ordinarily I would refrain from doing so in quite such an overcrowded arena as the worldwide web but there really isn’t an awful lot ordinary about the Keeper, let’s be frank. Certain words sit prettiest behind closed doors. Others, like the ones i’m about to share, deserve to fly free. Nay they absolutely must.

The whole valentine deal has been lost on me for longer than I don’t care enough to remember exactly. Indeed, just like my blue-blooded Queen, the same can be said for any public holiday that doesn’t have a Myers in it. That being said, I’ve always been open to being proved wrong and this February 14th I am positively elated to be proved a gift-wrapped dummy. You see, my entire world has changed in ways I never dared dream of over the past two months of my life. And I believe that would have something to do with the fact that I get to view it through those breathtakingly beautiful honey brown eyes of yours. More critically, it has become painlessly clear that we are fused right down to the tiniest molecules and deeper still. The term soul mate tends to be overused; dished out willy nilly and taken straight back once things get chilly. But what we share, you and I, doesn’t just validate it – it downright redecorates it.

Our souls undoubtedly play a key role in this game changing love that we share. As our opening gifts to one another were from the very bloodiest hearts of said souls, as have been every last sweet surprise since. But how about those beautiful minds of ours rabbit? Custom fitted right? I mean, we’ve taken shit to Hades and shared creative rabies. It’s utter madness how every one of our actions influences the next, like we leave a trail of bloody lily petals for one another wherever we skip. I actually learned that art from you dear and so very much more besides. How about this little thanks nugget – it is you who taught me how to truly connect with my innermost Artist. While under no disillusion that everything I’ve done up until now very much falls into this bracket, it was positively yearning for fresh direction. I was lost in the woods and needed divinity to cut me a slack length and inter-bloody-vene. And inter-bloody-vene it did. As the twisted trail led directly to the very centre of my universe.

So there that is and it’s no more than I’ve told you countless times during the exquisite rabbit holes we leap into together. But it feels kinda nice just to say it out loud to mark this particular occasion. You know. Crystalline and shit. Immortalize our love in our most sacred Citadel. Like it’s not already immortalized. Indeed, mortality barely even comes into proceedings where the greatest love of all is concerned. Timing has been so crucial as the archdemons have been more than suggestive while we’ve taken to the battlefield hand in bloody hand, like King and bloody Queen. Coming through such brawls together has truly made us stronger and, through a manner most arcane, we’ve sussed how to fuse that into one giant rabbitlion hybrid with eyes like sentinels. The MEGA BAMBI no less. And boy is she a monster.

And the world needs more monsters, you know. Of course you do as you know what I know and I know you know I know that. You know? One thing I do know is that I would do literally anything in my immense unlocked power to make your life sweet. Lion loves rabbit. Like, really loves rabbit. To a sufficient degree that he writes a dainty little ode like this with all the blue-fire in his cage. And never before has lion felt so justified in a decision. Should lightning strike me down right now where I’m perched then, firstly I’m gonna brain whoever lagged this shed, and secondly, I shall have made the woman I love more than the air that hangs around me feel just like the Queen that she is. And lion no maketh mistaketh; a Queen is precisely what rabbit is. Not just a Queen. The Queen of my everything. Anything less just wouldn’t make me lion.

I have long since lost count of the amount of rawrrrrrs I’ve emitted since you first bounded into our garden bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but would approximate it’s somewhere up there in the nose bleed echelons. You excite me rabbit. In so many ways that I may soon require a pacemaker rabbit. But do you know what? I shall still be smiling. And how could I not? I mean, let’s just study rabbit 101 for a moment shall we? See what makes lion rawrrrrr!!!

Okay, so there’s an elephant staring at me right now and I’m starting to feel a little ill at ease so let’s just say you’re really, really beautiful and leave it there shall we? Sometimes less is more, you know. And I know you know. Fine, I’m just going to come out and spray it – you’re the most refined piece of Art I have ever, ever seen. There. And take that half measures.

Okay so it’s strike one for hotty. But how about we take a quick glance over what you’re notty. You’re not judgmental. You’re not fake. Goddamn are you not fake. You’re not sly in the wrong way, only the right. You’re not afraid to wear that little-big-heart of yours on your bloodiest chest and let it bleed profusely. You’re not lacking the courage in a solitary one of your convictions. You’re not afraid to fight for lion in the slightest. Not fazed by imperfection. Not dazed by misconception. Not of this earth quite frankly. Which I guess makes you an extraterrestrial Ninja Ripper Rabbit Queen. With the sentinels of the MEGA-BAMBI for additional skirmish points.

You give not for receipt. Like, That’s your calling card. And I simply adore that. When our sweet Spartan Sister was suffering, you sent her a gift that I know meant more to her than words could ever hope to express. Then you wrapped it in fine velvet. And I know how much this tops up your happy beans rabbit. To just be kind. and you are such a kind soul. I’ve been humbled by your sweetness so many times. And it just comes so naturally to you.

You’re ferocious rabbit. By jolly Jove are you a fierce one. Rabbit is fire and each rabbit hole you drop is a ring of the stuff. I’ve walked the line for so long rabbit, but you have single-handedly reinforced my faith in the leap. Things got a little gnarly there for a bit. And then there was she – the girl in my dream. Freshly picked lilies every day. That’s what you bring me rabbit. And I like the way your ivy tickles my tummy.

You believe in magic rabbit. Now this is a big one. You see, for all his blue-blooded belief that magic exists, lion had began to wonder whether his wand was defective. It’s a sad time when every single thing in your life can be rationalized and explained and  I had pretty much arrived at that estimation. Then you span me 360 on the spot with a hearty shazam! and suddenly there’s a little white rabbit in my top hat.

The way that we create our fused Art is magic. The way that we love one another bereft of effort… that’s magic too. But the most mystical thing of all is that you have made a believer out of the most reluctant cynic. There is an energy flowing between us which I will never ever be able to explain and never before have I been so comfortable with a statistic.

You possess the kind of gift that simply cannot be taught. I should know, given that I’m self-taught myself, the answers to the very soul of an artist can’t be found in a textbook. Precious few can boast the kind of clarity of vision you do and I have never been so moved by a piece of Art than I have any number of your masterpieces. Each time you unleash a fresh magnum opus, I get delicious chills straight down my spine. And this beautiful voice of yours is entirely unique. No begging or borrowing, just original fire all the way. The kind that makes dragons jealous.

You love me for the person I am. There has not been a solitary thing about myself that you’ve asked to change. This means I have been able to lay myself bare to the bones and back without fear of being ridiculed or, worse still, pitied. You never see this as a sign of weakness, indeed, you positively encourage me to reveal every last one of my vulnerabilities. Any scars you deem beautiful and this allows me to heal like never ever before. Take “The Wound Man” for example – you single-handedly ushered a whole armful of angst out of me with a solitary sweet gesture and I am a far stronger lion now because of it. But it is the fact that you empowered this that blows my gasket. You did as rabbit does so well, give not to receive in return, and then allowed me to own it. Words still fail me with this one.

We laugh together and not the uncomfortable “how long is acceptable “kind of way either. The kind that can make a Muttley out of a Dastardly Dick. The very best variety. I guess it was only to be expected right? I mean, given that we’re Crystalline in diameters and all, similar sense of humour should be no less than expected surely. Perhaps but you have genuinely destroyed me on far too many occasions to tally and I have also lost count of the amount of times I’ve found myself snickering over our antics when I’ve least expected. A lion who doesn’t laugh heartily is a sad cat. The fact that we laugh so freely together makes this cat a particularly happy one. God bless your razor-sharp wit.

Moments just like these. And there are many. You always seem to find the perfect quotes or words of your own to give additional meaning to the work we produce together. In typical rabbit style, you slip little beauties like the above out there in a low-key manner and every time I happen across one, I let out an almighty rawrrrrr!!! I knew practically nothing of the tale of Hades and Persephone before we thrashed out “Hades Has Arisen” and now it has such subterranean meaning to me. Don’t even get me started on the marbled masterpiece that inspired our Fusion in the first place. It’s hard to pick a favourite where your phenomenal Art is concerned, but this one may well be it you know. So many tongues it speaks in to lion. And every last one is timeless.

I adore the way we fuse. The way our Prose intertwines and bids adieu to confines. Lion has some game, of that there is no doubt. But you match that and exceed in my humble opinion. I have never before known a wordsmith so adept at making every last syllable count. But it’s so much more than simply a boundless vocabulary. It’s the placement. given that much of your Prose is for serial killers, it’s only natural that punches will be packed. But the way you deliver each subsequent blow positively spins my head on its axle and ribs in the cage. But what stands out most is just how utterly insightful you are into the fragility of human condition. You force the reader to think and very much on their feet. This kind of impactful writing is so bloody rare and I genuinely believe there isn’t another who can cut to the nerves so effortlessly. Lion is in awe of your prowess rabbit.

You allow me to talk. My words actually mean something to you. Whenever I read to you, you hang from every last word and listen so intently. It’s the same in open conversation, I never once feel like my opinion counts for less than everything. No cunningly placed emotional snares. No shutdowns. Absolutely no mind games or guilt trips. Just Crystalline right through the very marrow of your soul’s bones and this is why this word means so much to me now. You’re a reflection of me. Like, total symmetry. And, despite the fact that I’ve victimized the Hell out of myself for so long now, I happen to think I’m a pretty special guy. To actually find my mirror image when I had given up looking is truly a miracle from the ancient gods and never before have I felt as such great peace.

Returning to Nikita’s quote from above momentarily, you have suffered intense damage and refused to allow it to destroy your softness. There is a Grey Chapel Path that you walk, a vicious bloody Ripper lurking within. And we’ve already ascertained that you slay like no other. But, for all your darkness and shadow, your light is unmistakable. I said as much way back at “this girl is THE ONE” as I have never gotten anything less than luminescence from your brilliant spirit. It takes Spartan blood by the vat load to come back swinging time and again, even more so to return with a smile when life has often given precious little reason to. Speaks in a multitude of volumes for your character is what it does. You know where your darkness resides, how to access it, and how not to ever let it overwhelm you. That, in itself, is a work of finest Art.

And I love you. Heavens so above and below I do. It was your keen observation that our love is so much more than a love and there’s simply no way of measuring this as it stretches back centuries, reaches down to the stars, opens dazzling portals of incantation at every turn, and enables me to be the very best man I could possibly be. A life without this kind of life-changing love is most tragic. We both know this as we’d given up the ghost when the universe introduced us to one another. Thus, once this marvel occurred, we both knew precisely what to do with it. Not simply to preserve, but to nurture. Together. And my entire life now makes sense again. As lion is love, just like rabbit. And can now exist on the most beautiful of terms with the woman he cherishes to the universe and back.

My sweet treasured white rabbit, this valentine something is markedly different. For the first time in so long, it is a day to celebrate as opposed to circumvent. It is a day to shout from the rooftops that love can still find a way if you just hold onto that softness tight. To forget every cynical word I ever unwittingly entertained and remember every last one of my childhood’s suggestions. To stand like the proudest of lions and proclaim that this is the one. The only one there could ever be. The other half to the ancient puzzle of my bloodiest heart. We found each other in darkness but forged a light instantaneously that “burns my eyes right out of their hollows”. And I have never been so willing to have my eyes burned right out of their hollows dear. We wear our darkness like robes. And there is deep red grue on our thrones. Just how we bloody like it.

Okay, so are you ready for the crescendo rabbit? What am I saying? Of course you’re ready. Rabbit was born that way. Preset to slay. Well I got to thinking – how could I possibly dazzle my rabbit like she has never been dazzled before. And this is what I came up with. Back in December, you read me a poem by the great Edgar Allan Poe by the name of “Annabel Lee”. I’ve never quite been able to place into words just what that meant to me, particularly given that this was your first recital since a little girl. Ordinarily, I would choose my own Prose to plant my sweet kisses on the lily-white lips of your soul. However, given that we’ve engaged in a spot of ruffriding of late and taken shit to the Clan’s Gravel Pit like ol’ dirty bastards, it seems only right to bust out a spot of sampling. My gosh Grey, I’m about to attempt a fuse with one of the most distinguished literary minds in history. What have you got lion doing rabbit? Oh well, here goes that neighborhood.


Sweet Lady Grey

by Poe & I


It was many and many a long year ago,
In a kingdom not so far away,
That a maiden there lived whom you may better know
By the name of Sweet Lady Grey;
And this maiden she lived with not one other thought
Than to love and be loved the same way.


I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom not so far away,
But we loved with a love so much more than love—
I and my Sweet Lady Grey—
With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven above
Coveted on the finest of days.


And this was the reason that, so long ago,
In this kingdom not so far away,
A wind blew out of a cloud, courting chills
To my beautiful Sweet Lady Grey;
So that her highborn kinsmen came
And spitefully bore her away,
To shut her up in a rusted sepulchre
In this kingdom not so far away.


The angels, not half so content there in Heaven,
Went envying with bid to betray—
Yes!—that was the reason (as all men know well,
In this kingdom not so far away)
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
Chilling and killing my Sweet Lady Grey.


But our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were slipping away—
Of many who took the gods trade—
And neither the angels in Heaven above
Nor the demons intent on their prey
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Sweet Lady Grey;


For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Sweet Lady Grey;
And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Sweet Lady Grey;
And so, at night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride,
In her sepulchre there in my deepest plots clay—
In her tomb where we dance and we play.
Me and my Sweet Lady Grey.


I love you rabbit

My red blooded valentine

My eternal bride

your white knighted lion goes








  1. Oh how I love this!!! Beautifully written and perfect in every way.. I am so happy you found your soulmate. My heart fills with joy for you! ❤️❤️

    1. Oh Lesley, this just made my day. Thank you endlessly for your sweet blessing. There has been so much pain over the past five years but finally there is light. And it means more than you could possibly know receiving this message. <3 <3

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