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not on my shift
see the one I adore suffer unduly
that’s simply not going to happen
see her down on her knees
gasping for air
all alone in this world
with no reason left to care
not on my shift


see her carry the weight of the world on her sweet shoulders
watch on as they threaten to buckle
do nothing as she sinks deeper into a place I know only too well
remain inactive as she goes through sheer hell
not bloody likely


not while there is breath in my lungs
or a song to be sung
not when it is her sweet gaze which delivers me from evil
her taste on my tongue
when she is aware of precisely where my fire resides
and very much knows how to kindle
I’d rather die a most heinous of deaths than watch the fire in her eyes start to dwindle


heaven and earth ain’t all that hard to move
once you know how
once you figure it out
once you master the art of transfusion
once your lips learn to service every single contusion
time is not the best healer
love is


each beautiful scar on her skin is a reminder
of why I love her so
why I would pull the beating heart from my chest
to see hers thump harder
why I would take leave from my mortal flesh
and cross dimensions
just to touch the tip of her nose and watch it crinkle
and see those big brown eyes of hers twinkle


I have loved her since before I was born
nay, way before
her blood and my own
have mingled
so very many times
our story has been told
in many different languages
our love has existed
on a most wealthy multitude of levels
and this we both know


sometimes it overwhelms
such is its sheer magnitude
it is hard to know what to do with such infinite feeling
and such a powerful force has been known to leave both of us reeling
but we’re right about ready to reel
as there is magic to every reveal
nothing tragic
nothing broken or shamed
purely venture and gain
after what feels like lifetimes of numbness
simple reason to feel


we are connected
in the very most simple of ways
through the blood in our innermost veins


every muscle
inch of tissue
is a room with a view
every membrane
nerve ending
knows just what to do
ferry fluids between us
through our love intravenous
as we’ve bled into one now
and what’s more
to the power of two


we have lost so much blood
but have gained so much more
every drop which we spill is replenished
every tear our bodies shed we adore
no longer alone in this world
no longer lorded by illusion
we are but a boy and a girl
holding hands through every transfusion






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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  1. This moved me to tears. I wish the one I love showed such fucking INCREDIBLE support as you do for Lady Grey. Selfish I know but it’s the inspiration you give every time I read your words. You are an example of the definition of real love. I need to learn more about myself and will…and am. Thank you both for the light.

    1. Thank YOU for the light you shine for both of us Freckles. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

      You see us. So clearly.
      And we love you sincerely.

      Our sweet sister.

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