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The Kills “List of Demands”




Please allow me to speak of distortion
of imbalance
and gross disproportion
contortion of all that we see
this abortion induced
once we drop to our knees
and concede that the bleed is too heavy to bear
no more here than we’re there
and some way beyond reasonable care
vision impaired under their supervision
they cast every last stone with pinpoint precision
splitting decision
and through each indecision
we’re proceeding to feed ammunition
serving only to breed disposition
off-centre composition
distempered as they tempt us
into triggering the sensors
and this senseless intrusion
prevents basic movement
holds us firmly in place
as it rapes us all human



don’t look now but I think that they’re looming
and it’s right about time for our six o’clock grooming
that’s assuming we’re still of some use
in a pinch
way too late for excuses
as they won’t hear the pitch
will care not of our blues
what we have left to lose
put it down to a glitch in the system
should we speak of our grievance
then they tell us to list them
please hold while we reach our decision
should the jury be split
then that’s when they see fit
to exercise superiority
one which rules through majority
while the rest of us mules
simply fester
then they pass that shit off as siesta
knock us spark out
and molest us



it’s best not to struggle
while they strap on the muzzle
stay perfectly still
and don’t dare move a muscle
as they’ll have our minds spotless in no time
just a few final tweaks and it’s go time
no time like the present
but alas I’m inclined
to buck trends
bend over fuck trends
no more means to an end
as I’m keen to extend
my depth of perception
take exception
see through their deception
one red eye, one blue
cutting through the distortion
rejecting the paradigm
just to test out the torsion
requesting with force
that I divorce from reality
court sheerest insanity
but the papers are already signed
indeed, they have been for some time
and it’s through each distortion
that I realign
no longer of human design
future proof
my components
are top of the line
my diameters pure Crystalline
one red eye, one blue
all it takes to cut through
the distortion
and locate the prime

see straight

draw the line



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