Long Stay at Chapel Black

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Lemon D “Pursuit Thru The Darkness”

Let’s talk some about the recovery
When the walk of life leads to discovery
Realigning, declining to live life of drudgery
Paving the path that lies sprawled out in front of me

Bludgeoning thuggery
Crossed bones and skulduggery
Disowning myself
When that shit was the other me
Access denied as flip side is plain ugly
Punk seems intent on bum-rushing me

It’s essentially self-impressed buggery
Swinging my fists until both palms are bloody
Knowing the risks as I’m cocking the trigger and all out of clicks
Missing all kinds of tricks
Setting up sticks with a stiff upper lip as I pistol whip the mirror hung in front of me

It’s all me
Sussed that out quick, feel obliged to admit that the profile it fitted damn snugly
No one else to blame and any shame felt was perfunctory
Punctured function rumbled me
As I fumbled the key chain
Fell away from freeze-frame
And caved my own brains in with mama’s best cutlery

No hidden agenda
No hate left to tender
Should you choke upon my verse then don’t go blaming it on vendor
Merely returning hard eight back to sender
For it is I who vent at will and it is I who foot the bill for this relentless trend of benders by my own senseless consensus

The only danger I pose to yours truly
The only pain I expose owes to self-imposed cruelty
Opposed to bloody nose are a blinding brace of eyes primed with insight inclined to see right through me
They delve the grave duly
Dig up the unruly
And spite their own face
Through confine to self-duty

Just a big cat once you nestle close to me
Not the kind of slack Jack backing either brains or beauty
Way too twee and not my goal, you see
It’s all about the deepest soul, you see
The host boasting most
The ghost in the tree

This time it’s personal
For better, not worse
I relinquish this curse
Middle digit to the hearse
Trigger finger twitching nervously
Though handsomely impervious
To recoil, ricochet
And any self-destructive courtesy

My words they are bond
Skimmed stones across the pond
Crimson river never blinded
Synchronicity provided
By the G who pimped my ride
Taught me how to skimp on pride
And look this uninvited demon in the eye

Who gives a fuck if the odds remain stacked
Will take this blind luck to a future looking back
Stuck in the middle of an ace and a jack
Is a queen and a king
Face to face
Back to back

greykeeper ain’t fiction
This slick diction is fact
Reputation intact
Mission statement exact
Arrangement compact
Disengaged from setback
All the rage, coming strapped
Fading grey to Chapel Black

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I have to shamelessly admit that I have never heard of Adam Ginsberg, until now that is. Thanks for turning me onto him and for yet another awesome post my friend. Great job as always.

    1. You definitely did my friend, and I really appreciate it. I’m sure he’s going to big, there’s no doubt about that.

  2. A treasure to read this post. I just hired Adam Ginsberg to record the audio version of my book Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls. I
    was excited about it before, now am elated that someone else agrees there is magic in that voice.

  3. A pleasure reading this post, as I just hired Adam Ginsberg to record the audio version of my book Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls. I was excited, but now even more that I know others appreciate his talent as much as I do.

    I know it’s gonna be a great project.

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