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It’s no great shakes talking the talk. But how many of us can actually walk the damn walk? I can. You wish to discern my true colors? Then ask me a question and I shall provide every last frame of my response in all its Technicolor glory. Some may consider my kind words little more than insincere drivel and, should that be so, then you may wish to have a rethink on that one. You see, you couldn’t actually be any farther from the truth if you perched yourself on Pinocchio’s nose, tickled his varnished balls, and asked him if it gave him wood. It’s quite simple – the Crimson Quill cannot bleed if not from the ink of truth. That was my very first pledge to myself when undertaking this pilgrimage. To be true, real, clear and sincere – without exception. And while certain opinions may have altered over the past five years, every last word scribed has been 100% authentic at the time of conception. Anything less simply would not be Keeper. As I am all about taking shit deeper.

Some folk talk a decidedly good A-game. But the very moment something happens to displease them, their true colors start to spot. They may backtrack and apologize for any hot-headedness or hurtful underlying sentiment, but the primary reaction is invariably the most honest one and it is here where we learn the primary shades of those masquerading beneath wispy veneers of deception. I’ve stated this numerous times but shall so do once more as the acoustics happen to be just right. Should I say I’m happy for you on receipt of good news, then you’d better believe I mean that shit. Playing games are for the schoolyard and swinger parties, not for interactions where others are kind enough to share with you their jubilance.

On the flip side, request my opinion on a subject you feel strongly about and I most certainly will not be phoning in my response just to gratify your eardrums. Be you family, friend or mere acquaintance, I will not tailor my reply simply to suit your flimsy whimsy. My case in point is as follows and this will be the exceedingly rare occasion when I will actually reveal my current political standpoint. The whole free world just loves hating on Trump and, although I didn’t wish him to fail miserably like so many others, I’ll be the very first to hold my hands up to harboring grave concerns when he was first elected into office. Indeed, I used to extract great pleasure from gently ribbing the old boy just to keep him on his toes. That said, I was always open to being won over and prayed that he would go about his affairs the right way and make the kind of difference he is in a position to without World War III ensuing. And do you know what? He did good.

Granted, he can be a fair smidgen arrogant but perhaps he has needed to be to get ahead in a game traditionally so dishonest. Now I don’t profess to knowing the first thing about politics but, unless I’ve been reading the wrong FTSE 100, Stateside economy is in the most charmed position since way back in the seventies and he recently achieved the damn near impossible and buried the hatchet with North Korea. This dude simply does not rest a wink and that is precisely what is needed right now as one of the great global powers looks to consolidate its position and push on. Yet virtually the whole of Hollywood, the music industry and majority of the media still hang onto their vitriol like their shit don’t stink when quite evidently the flies know something they don’t. And that is diarrhea to my ears.

I believe Eminem to be a musical Jehovah and have stir-fried oodles of respect for the fella but, should he inquire as to my opinion on Trump during a conversation I hope to be having with Mr. Mathers III one fine day, then I wouldn’t hold back on offering him my genuine thought foods. And he’d respect me for that. As he is as motherfucking real as they come. Just the way I am. The fact that I spent half my life wearing a mask while clutching my baseball trading cards just makes it all the more critical now that I allow my face to breathe some and let my peepers do the talking for me. I’m big on eye-contact and you’d better believe these honey flecked baby blues that fade to black are hardwired to the most ferocious honesty. Others may form their own opinions based on the tittle of tattlers and conspiracy theorists but there are a small few who truly know this soul of mine and every last one of the Technicolor feathers in my plumage.

Recently, I’ve been on extended hiatus. My twin flame and I have spent almost the last three months away from the social networks in order to put the last few lingering demons of the past five years to rest. And we have very purposely kept our interactions down to the barest of minimums. This has not been to appear ignorant, merely to build our foundations from the ground up on the very sturdiest of bricks. Aside from brief appearances to spread love to those who have seeked out any work posted, we have been laying low and getting shit in place for the big push we have planned. Once we return, we will be looking to tender this out to anyone who truly sees us and can discern the method in our madness.

There will be honesty, and goddamn will it be brutal at times, but never ever with the intention of singling people out. Merely to act as smelling salts to one and all, ourselves most inclusive, in order to help us shuffle past the shit which traditionally holds us back. Our colors will be true, bloody hearts pinned to lapels, and we will link arms with all those for whom being a Gruehead genuinely means something. Those who wear it as a badge of honor. For we know only too well what can be achieved if we all stand united and allow ourselves and those around us to genuinely mean something. If you asked me to sum up the term Gruehead in a single word, then I reckon I’d stump for true as this sums us up in but a solitary syllable. Nothing fake or manufactured, fractured allegiances, poison festering from within – not this time. And this is why we shall succeed. Why we have to.

Like my good friend Edgar Allan Poe, I do love the smell of contradiction in the morning. And there appears no better time than the present to bust out the napalm. The love that I offer out is unconditional. That being said, there is a condition to me dishing out the hearts and flowers. I need to know you’re true. Should this not be the case, then I will remain polite and courteous of course as both conflict and judgement disinterest me entirely. But the passion it dies right there. And you shall never see the best of me. Simply haven’t the time for it. Not now. After the journey I’ve undertaken, it has to be trueclearsincere.Crystalline. – just as my twin flame and I fused as our official Rivers of Grue sign off. We have vast solar systems of respect for one another, not to mention sufficient love to provide fossil fuel for the entire goddamn planet and all surrounding orbs. Soon we shall be marching this out. And that is where you fine people come in.

Our colors are true. Our foundations as fortified as fuuuck. Some of our output will invariably shock and appall, particularly those with strong religious views as we propose to pull no punches in that particular department, and a fair amount of the prose may sting a little to say the very least. Use this. For they are not the words of misinformed heathens, but self-educated supremos. There be tremendous swagger on thar pages and this may reek mildly of out-of-control ego and/or arrogance. But make absolutely no miscalculation – we are very much in control of this Trojan.

Not spiraling ever deeper into rompy pompy self-importance. Merely telling shit precisely as we see it and having a little mostly harmless fun with the thorough fiendishness we formulate. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all to attend the party? The more, the gorier. Needless to say, it bleeds and greykeeper reserve the right to be a right pair of gushers. And we happen to know a bloody good mortician who has a whole stash of tampons she amassed way back at high school; thus we even get to engage in our very own miniature red or dead pillow fights. One of these days valiumfreak, you will get us into trouble. Can’t bleeding wait.

Best wrap things up, I reckon. Gods, I’m a wrong ‘un. But then, perhaps I’m a right ‘un. Go figure. I know one thing – I host unspeakable darkness within. But these shadows stopped fooling me the very moment I let the right wrong’ un in, so to speak. Now they waltz to a symphony we compose, know their place, and have absolutely no right rearing their broody phizogs in our sunny climates. Once the moon rises, well then it’s on like a foot-long prosthetic dong. Other than that, it’s cotton candy and unicorns all the way to the Magical Faraway Tree.

There exists a wee child inside me, you see. And I happen to find him rather charming with all his wide-eyed enthusiasm and beautiful honesty. Life has not destroyed my softness. Thus, while I remain very much thorn in the side of those who see fit to skull-fuck the lost, my Crimson rose is forever one of the very headiest fragrance, with silvery ivy wrapped around its unbreakable stem. The Rivers of Grue boast colors which are true. Now, how about you?


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  1. We fans of the Grue and the true can’t wait for your second coming! Be brutal, be brutally honest, be brutally beautiful Keeper and Rabbit.

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