Johnny Got Angry

Featured artwork by L.H. Grey

Johnny Got Angry and its companion piece, Nobody Fucks With Baby, were written in March 2018 and have remained unpublished until now. Both were written from a female perspective, to challenge the perception of gender role. Both are unapologetic, though with a far greater goal than to shock and appall the reader.

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Billie Eilish “Bad Guy”

You’re here for your lesson, I see
I shall be your teacher and the first rule of school overrules that I’m the son of a preacher man
Been known to brawl and make candy girls drool as I unspool the ribbon that saves sodden knickers falling
Beauty’s only skin deep but my lipstick’s triple thick and all about the plunder as it tears asunder all who kneel before it
Want that apple from teacher
Well then drop and give me fifty damn good reasons not to bleed these satin sheets like a bitch in mid-season
Bloodsport is par for the course
And my language can be fucking coarse
May wish to pause before delving my thoughts as that’s where the raw meat is hung, drawn and quartered
Each lamb that I slaughter in my chop shop gets my rocks off and my cock rocks out in sheepskin like a wolf on a skinful of Absinthe

I’m sinful by the brimful, your downfall is my windfall
Psycho killer on the tilt and a wizard at pinball
Sinking 8-balls with spin as I hustle and sting
Lean in, take my aim, flex the muscle
Worn every shade of lipstick on my dick, full names carved into the tip of my tongue as it flicks ’til they cum
Cum again and again, riding wave after wave
Raining down on parades in golden shower just to lubricate the keyhole
Can piss on a nickel from Salvador, blame it on Rio
Start a carnival of carnal urges, make Mardi Gras of surgery
Will make them earn their rosary
Pinning them to wax so they can pose for me
Any filthy little sluts deemed to fail to make the cut I gut like swine in half the time and decline to scrub up

This here is Chapel Black, rack and ruin double-stacked
Got my lucky lady out back
She gets crazy on the Jack
Had an attitude adjustment, now she knows the crack and gets the whole damn Rat Pack when I lean back
Nobody fucks with my baby or else it’s a short road to hell Jezebel and one long ass haul back
Treat her like a dime a dozen dame as even cowboys need to saddle up for loving
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and she got two gems that sparkle
When it’s time for razzle dazzle, she gets the Rodeo King
The long black limousine and full Hawaiian Wedding Song as only her guy sings
Sometimes Johnny B. Goode, others Johnny gets angry
Gets on top, back and forth and breaks the bed
As this gets her soaking wet
I designate a victim, strip bare ass and let them see what they can’t have
Then turn around, reveal the bloody nail tracks down my back
Put on a show, the very greatest on Earth
As for every bed I’ve burned
The greatest thing I’ve ever learned is just to love and be loved in return

There is always a lesson to be learned
Should you choose to heed it, bleed with me
Then I’ll proceed to lead the waltz and massage every impure thought, knead it into action
Teach my subject how to strap-on
Rock the fish nets, latex thong
Thigh highs and high heels
Get androgynous and unapologetic
Free of will and ravished for the kill
Call this your lesson in sexology
Now get down on your knees so I can whiten those teeth and say your prayers that not a single drop be spilled

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. You have hit upon one of my deepest fears…I’m not highly claustrophobic but just the idea of being enclosed in such a tight small space completely freaks me out lol well done

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