The Smile of Everlong

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Emancipator “With Rainy Eyes”

Take this smile of mine
Do please wear it in my honor
Woulda, shoulda, coulda
Much prefer that you were gonna
I’m the moonshine warming you inside as you turn water into wine
I’m the vintage timepiece with slow hands to tell the time
I’m the timeless something
Nothing ever dared compare to
I’m the one and only
Not ambivalent to virtue
Would simply not know how to hurt you
How to flay your dreams
I’m all you need, I’m all you need
Would fall to knees to see you lay at peace
My seams they burst in thirst for you
Composing to traversal of your universal view
I’m keen to prove I mean to move the mountains to the sea
The river bleeds in crimson hue, for you profoundly deep
Talk is cheap, the prices steep for souls to take and going rate comes into play when playing for the keeps
Please let me set your mind at ease
I’d give my own to chaperone your soul to the one place famed it seeks
To where the heart is
Resting place to better dress in grace dearly departed
Started to believe again, I see the years prepare to fall away
And that is all I came here for
To watch the child inside you soar again

Take this smile of mine
Wear it like fine silk upon your skin
Dare to wear it out in public
Touch the smile of others
With the love I place within
Sing sweet song of winters gone
Of blossomed spring in throng
Of April showers, blooming flowers, daylight hours prolonged
Of evenings on the waterfront
In some place where the river runs for everlong
Where hopes and dreams may come undone, but they are never ever gone
Back to the days of halcyon
Where thoroughbreds parade 
The only place where you belong
Will see you there, where weather’s never changeable
This smile of mine it widens like the eyes of child in rise of Autumn Fall
With stride of Spring confiding that we’re able to move on
My soul to give is yours to keep
This river is profoundly deep
This smile of mine is yours to wear for everlong
In honor of the hopes and dreams that came away once at the seams
For every time you flash that most extraordinary smile at me
Forever seen and never ever gone
Endeavor not to sever right from wrong
Come take my hand and stand here in the pride of place our timeless souls belong
Please take my smile
Was only ever your smile all along

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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