The True Blue

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Ladytron “Deep Blue”

Sad songs used to make me blue
Long gone hands once turned the screw
Shut away from common view
These tears I wept of solemn hue

The world it knows not what to do with certain trees of differed bloom
Contrary sap comes seeping through their twisting knots like bitter glue
Eventually, they bid adieu to head off down an avenue that parted whence the Fall breeze calmly blew
Then once storm clouds crept into view
My heart felt eased remarkably and grew

Hearts break in so many ways
Serenades are waved away
Best laid plans disintegrate
Passing ships they sail away
It’s either sink or breakaway
Before our best selves drain away
But even though we wipe clean slates
Some sleeping dogs remain awake

Now each time I cried for you
Sad songs no longer made me blue
Indeed, they acted prudently
And didn’t simply humour me
You see, our ingenuity
Spoke second tongue most fluently
Sat me down and tutored me
On how hearts beat anew
Evergreen when charmed to pass true blue

Have died for you a thousand times
And sad songs mourn me beautifully
You bury me as I do thee
Most verily we’re smiling
I guess then that would be the key to dying

Holding hands and making plans
Breaking waves on golden sands
Taking us to stolen lands
Each sad song offers open hand

Come hell or high tide
We shall make it through
Each serenade I dedicate to you
Each pain retraces steps
To fresh terrain I gain with you
My only you
Glory be thy fine name
The true blue

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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