Shepherds to Black Sheep

Featured artwork by L.H. Grey

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Claudio Simmoneti “The Third Mother”

Coming back from a lengthy hiatus
Not to silence the haters
Not about who betrayed us
That is not advantageous and neither is it gracious or courageous
Simply shooting with straightness as we cock the Glock trigger
Figure out the bigger picture
Take the fight to the creator as the good book clearly states that this weightless sadist baited then betrayed us

Not a grain of humaneness in amongst all the grating misstatements
The almighty forbade us from evading the fate that awaits us
Called it grace to detain beneath faceless pretense
As we ventured through the valley of the shadow known as death
Next of kin to mortal sins which we balanced out like dorsal fins
Akin to titanium tortoises
Constructed indestructible fortresses
Discovered the recovery and sussed what the importance is

With the faith we afforded this we became our own creator
Ever grateful to synapse rate for supporting such haughty behavior
Sporting neurons ablaze with not a game face to waste as our twin flames made haste to the one place displacing of disgrace and other debasers
Replacing dislocated limbs with antlers of stag and black eagle wings

A chorus that sings
With eyes of white rabbit and heart of fierce lion
And whatever other form we set our sights upon
Shape-shifting like grifters as we drifted high plains
Arch angels took aim in dire straits at all sevens and eights
But we fileted them with fists, shape-shifted straight to mist and these piss-artists tripped out and missed us
One six and one nine saves time when defined by design far greater than the sum of its parts
Two artists, one twist as we fit the same skin and enhance every glance through the stark mirror cast by our deepest souls’ hearts at dual stance

Coming back from protracted sabbatical
Not to preach waffled gospel fanatical
Nothing quite that awfully mathematical
Though our methods are purportedly quite radical
We leave the puritanical to the biomechanical
Their tragic dynamics entertain our dining habits
And we happen to recline on first name terms with a certain Doctor Hannibal
Never underestimate the true inhuman animal

This is most advantageous
Perhaps glazed in verbose but more toast from host gracious
Simply shooting with straightness as we cock the Glock trigger
Frame up the bigger picture
Take this one shot like a gunner and set the grand stage for a fresh faith
Our chapel of grey has been known to fade back to black stone
Dark eyes that roll back to Cimmerian Shade
We’re the bastard sword to the deplorable heart of holy scripture
And we are done and overdone with our hiatus

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. If you can conceive it then you may as well achieve it….and you are doing so, majestically 😉
    You are most certainly sussing the key to the universe. . and I must admit, you bring SO much more to the table than mere beef jerky lol7.
    “Being self-critical by nature is both a strength and a weakness…” Fuck if that isn’t the truth….

    Keep striving ❤
    You KNOW you’ve got this…
    Da bomb diggity

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