The Love Bleed


what is love


how does it function


does it scream out loud
can it stand out proud


disavow the belief that its doomed
from the offset


this is how cynics would view it


but the way they construe it is wrong


they refuse to fall deep and headlong


instead they question
each of true loves suggestions


and through this indigestion
rob themselves blind of the one

gift that binds


sometimes you just have to resign


to the fact that you CAN cross that line

leave narrow suspicion behind


as this lifeline doesn’t come along often in life
seems far more content as it passes us by


just looking
not buying


thus disqualifying
the chance to hold something



it cries as a shame
as it douses our flames


denies us the god given right to proclaim
that we own something true


the one thing that cuts through mere existence


and it saddens to see such resistance


when a little persistance
could serve it so well


as behind every kiss is a story to tell


fairytale to our souls


a page turner to scroll


as we search for the answers we should already know


is it true
is it real
built for two
whats the deal

can i trust it and leap

 will i land on my feet


should the answer be no
then we dont want to know


why put ourselves through such a

skyfall from grace
hear i told you so each time we land on our face


surely this only invites further pain
and our hearts may not heal if it happens again


it is once we cease leaping

that the fears start to creep in


misery may love company
as we sit there alone


just begging to dial it all back to hello


its the bitterest pill
as it fritters our will


leaves us hollow inside
as we wallow


deny the most beautiful thing


its the first day of spring
summer loves scorching wings
yes we fall
winter chills

and these four seasons bring us full circle

but not when we clip every hurdle


we need not wear love as a girdle
it need not constrict
really ought not afflict


breaking up is no longer the last box to tick
if we just understand


keep that clean line of sight
use the sleight of our hands


to conjure a


to the one place that matters


where the reddest blood spatters


it speaks in sweet tongues and habitually flatters
but not to deceive
not to aggrieve


as there is no more bountiful lot to retrieve


what is love

we don’t know


but we are watching it grow


and for each ebb and flow

we shall never let go


for we know what we hold

and it won’t be annulled


as we trust it enough

to call the pessimists bluffs


may not have all the answers

but have no need for posers


no call to deny

such a sweet thing exposure


let it soar to fresh heights

stratospheres from plain sight


do we have all the answers


actually we just might








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