Twin Nebula

Featured images by Lee Housden

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faster than the speed of light
energized particles
far divorced from the elements
endorsed by magnetic resonance
and no longer directionless
twin nebula
molecular synchronicity
positive charges
fusing implicitly
explicitly opposed
to planetary motion
splitting atoms for their protons
categorical devotion
to astronomical propulsion
far beyond stratospheric
zenith in their slipstream
as into the vast ocean
they hurtle
hurdling asteroids
flowing gown in vermilion
brilliant red shift in procession
progression harmonic
wavelength ultrasonic
cyclonic coalition
binary by redefinition
juxtaposition flawless
gravity lawless
as the twin nebula soars
exploring the outer limits
but this is no idle visit
controls set for the heart of the sun
breaching the chromosphere
burning up
turning up the heat
refusing to beat a retreat
diffusing to such a degree
that the sun appears to bleed
receding in their presence
though resigned to acquiescence
as this now twinned flame forms a fiery fist
and punches through the photosphere
no fear
just molten plasma tears
as Helios reveres
this dual-tailed souvenir
and as the amber mist begins to clear
for maximum exposure
the big showcase
one last embrace
and blinding supernova

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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