Holler (For a Head Count)



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They said it was all in my head
Nothing the meds wouldn’t fix
Hit after hit after hit I was fed
Yet, still impure thoughts never quit


If I see a thing of beauty, I get murderous
If I see a pooch with three heads, it’s a Cerberus
If you could see what I see
Then you’d see I’m past redemption
If you had seen the shit I’ve seen
I’m telling you, you’d shit your spleen
Some of that shit skips obscene
And fist-fucks comprehension
Lubin’ up on pent-up nervous tension
Before going in dry, relentless


I’m ruffrider, no question
Brand me superhero, less than zero my objection
Not to bloat my ego, got both feet on terra firma
Will find no faster learner than the one who found school underwhelming


Hands struck twelve but cogs still turning
Ashen skin, but deep within the furnace kept on burning
Yearning for release from the leash of freaks like me
Gurning through unease as I proceeded to retreat like a creep discreet to infamy


These fuckers had it in for me
That much was clear as meth
But they could do their worst
Etch my tombstone, fetch the hearse
As I already wore a curse and sang its verse in the single place that angels fear to tread


They said it was all in my head
I’m very much grateful they did
Not that I’m easy led
But some shit need be said before such time as we commit
Enforcing impure thoughts to never quit


If I see a stiff, I’m scrubbed up come the death twitch
Not to be a son of a bitch but I may slaughter your daughter
If my face decides to twitch or if she bleeds good at the altar


Impure thoughts, I got a bunch
Jury slaughtered while out to lunch
Execution more my style
Got the tools here to defile
Got Mona Lisa’s smile and Van Gogh’s ear in my collection tray
Call me a collector and I’ll fetch Exhibit A
One night in this museum offers short stay no such guarantee
Should it be my decree to see you suffer most unthinkably
Guess I’ve gone and got myself that gene


Not that I intend to break the rules when I can bend them
If pain is gain, then I’ll give what it takes to gain momentum
Stalkin’ prey in fresh inventive ways to make my name
Would far prefer to show than tell, if it’s really all the same


Chapel Black and all the way
I’m in this to the guts of me
Better pray for anyone who double-dares to fuck with me
As luck would have it, this white rabbit has itself a savage habit
Devil’s in the detail and I’m never less than avid


They said it was all in my head
It is
They said sickness runs in my blood
It does
They said I would go on to kill
I will
Good lucking making arrest
May well get me to confess
But like they said, it is all in my head
And impure thoughts they have been known to spread




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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