Dramatically Grammatical

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we live and we learn
isn’t that what they say
how many amongst us
can honestly claim
to have made our mistakes
taken trial with each error
used this to refuel
made our lives any better

far more easy it seems
to unstitch our own seams
take a fumbling tumble from balancing beams
each one which we take for the team tallies up
until numbers are downright obscene
so you see
what use is foresight
with no reason to make yourself seen

fail again and again
over time it’s expected
each harsh lesson taught
shall remain uncontested
cry wolf with conviction
too little too late
as the rules clearly state
thou shalt not feel protected
it’s defective
irrespective of any hearing selective
as it’s meant to be preventative
and doesn’t respect this
inspect it very closely
you may spot an algorithm
but you’ll need to zone right in as this is some way from a given

certain brains can be forgiven
for their mundane indecision
to someday locate precision
skip tradition
hit the target
such permission will be granted
if we learn of this division
fuck the schism
go our own way
have our own say
our own vision
isn’t that why eyes are prizes
or has blind faith compromised this
is each leap we take
a crash and burn
if so can’t we revise this
not that we don’t love surprises
just not the kind that sting us
chip away enamel to the fabric deep within us
make us question each suggestion
make a mention of unmentionables
subscribe to a whole mindset
which it must be said is questionable
it’s less than cool to fall from grace
inevitable we’ll be replaced
as all we are is rats who race
no longer keeping up to pace

turn and face our demons
and we can chase said demons
choose to embrace said demons
or fucking waste said demons

don’t take a great deal of scheming
once we suss out the schematics
don’t wish to be pedantic
but i’m done with staying static
interference problematic
once i choose to be pragmatic
as it may be undramatic
but it’s also unromantic
how did i arrive at this juncture
was i punctual
can i function
and must each bleed lead directly to reduction
does this mean i’m done and dusted
what’s the count
how long was i out
and should these smelling salts even be trusted
it’s a hullabaloo
and another one too
life shifts to relentless
then bids to prevent us
from reaching the point
that of realization
we no longer wish to hang tight where we’re stationed
call it absent with leave
leave me out of this transaction
as i see what’s going on
and my eyes narrow at inaction
gone a fair few rounds
thus it is fair i have grounds
to contest the status quo
take matters into my own
hands no longer bound so tight
as this line of sight refines me
and the lights no longer blind me
as they guide me someplace better
you can take each word as gospel
feel free to quote this to the letter
as i wreck the dialect
just to apply much needed pressure

i’m dramatically grammatical
could say verging fanatical
my methods may be radical
but take things geographical
and keeper takes shit deeper
that’s just my default setting
long since done with matters pressing
so while it’s been quaint convalescing
now i get to the addressing
no disguises to my blessing
as the views that i’m expressing
are in tune with prepossession
and should a solitary soul
take just one shot to the dome
apply a lick of our face paint to their own
well then i’m guessing that goes down as progression

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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