AK-47 is my Address, Dial 187 if it’s Crucial



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Told me I can’t, I can
Told me I shouldn’t, I should
Told me I won’t, I will
Said that I wouldn’t, I would
Didn’t come good ’til the kill
Chose no-show ’til the going was no good
Up to no good woulda, coulda, shoulda been a fine thing
But you see, death dicing can be just as enticing when investigating clouds for silver linings
Crime declines the pay out, less prepared to put in shifts
Time just slipped away from me
Life had other plans, you see
Idle hands know not how to build castles in white sands, you see
Lazy fingers don’t fit triggers
Guess it figures, figured as much
Seemed too much thinking bigger and better
Grabbing my crotch wearing painted on leather
Lending trend to the end of my tether
Pending further disgrace and a downgrade in weather
Trading in a closed market open to the public
Stocks not sharing, brass eye staring, last nerve wearing thin, ensnared
Here was there and there declared that here was no more here than there
Where the fuck, I dare not guess as sometimes less is more I hear
Less inclined to trust the gut when more obliged to bust a nut
A chorus line of nothing much ado but do or die
I knew the time had come to do and dying trying testified that tried and tested death-defying does its time in less than half the time
Semi-skimmed and pasteurized, these curdled hurdles passed the time until such time as I decided doing sure beat dying
Told me I can and I could
Told me I should and I did
Told me I will and I shall
World War III could break out any second, I reckon it might
But without a damn good fight, I am not going down
Romping through these stomping grounds with grounds for grinding out the win
In sickness, health and likely sin
All-in at the river blind of faith and graced with secondary sight
Now double dipped, I tore the script to pieces
Prepared a more fair thesis, then declared this scripture, pitched this
For all our cryptic mystique, we misfits can buck trends, upend statistics
Blink and you may well miss us
Think of us as passing trains with locomotive motives
No less than emotive as we know how to express, you see
All aboard and tickets please
Come and learn a thing or three
Two-for-one the deal with me
50-50 split with hint of schizophrenic tendency
Call it a dependency for gaining ventures, misadventures
Sense of which is catalyst and our shit just so happens to be endless
Relentless in sentencing life to death, just to be ironic
Hyperbolic on the chronic, sometimes Djinn and others tonic
Transcendental, supersonic
Mental for the herbal phonics
Prone to bouts of verbal vomit
Two times in this, two times on it
Twice as nice at half the asking price
Call it a Black Friday special
Loss leader for something some way deeper
One rabbit, one lion, let’s hear it one time for greykeeper
Take from the imperious
Give to the cause of the lost and delirious
Madder than hatters and bulletproof too
We know what shit matters and hope you do too
Lend us your ear, we’ll extend you a clue
Falsify claim and we’ll make that shit true
Take what we say with a grain of salt and dash of lemon, if inclined that way
If it’s all the same, we’d much prefer to swig it straight
Tell us we cannot and we’ll do that shit anyway
Chapel Black got shit to say
This limp you see, it’s all me
Got the talk, got the gunwalk and live for the bleed
It’s not about owning riches, boning bitches, burning bridges
It’s all about the hemoglobin
Sharpening the blade like Rōnin
Severing the arteries of those opposing artistry
Half of me is killer see and the other fifty rather nifty in the art of waste disposal
AK-47 loaded, trigger cocked and target locked
Armor-piercing tips and shit, the sickest motherfucker on the block
“Come feed the meter” said the pussy to the cock
“I’ve come here to lead ya” said the shepherd to his flock
Fuck policy, procedure, health and safety, risk assessment
More than one way to play and gain return on those investments
Learned my lessons, learned them good
Found out how to pop the hood
“Got hollow points and just need filler” said cabbie to the psycho killer
I know the drill and positively live for its pneumatic trill
Overspilling mental illness, only ever gettin’ iller
One part Jack the Ripper and Paddington completes the coup
Before you stoop to mocking, dude’s from Darkest Peru
“This has all the makings of voodoo” said the pin cushion to the High Priest
And should you feel a sharp twinge in the dingy fringes of your psyche much like a grimy syringe
Then don’t be stingy, tap the vein and see me intravenously binge
Please forgive the crack fiend logic
Just that I see you tweaking and got just the tonic here to make you gone in sixty seconds
Less I reckon should I opt not to prolong a fate long since signed off and back-fucking-dated
Chapel Black got shit to say
This limp you see, the royal we
Got the talk, got the gunwalk, live and fucking die to bleed
Menace to society
Opposing posers violently
Every drop we spill rings true
They told us we wouldn’t, we do
No qualms
Dial 187, call us to arms
Then check out the response time
“Just look at yourself” said the saint to the sinner
“Bang bang, shot you dead” said the rebel to the mirror
Which one survived
Could tell ya but then we’d have to kill ya
AK-47 loaded, trigger cocked and target clocked and locked down
greykeeper sum up fears, be clear
Got ya Pop! Pop! Pop! right here
Now who wanna blow on the barrel




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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